Day 239: Quiet Sunday with Benedryl

Susie was up about every two to three hours to use the rest room. She did not need my help in the night.

Susie later needed help when getting dressed as she was unable to move. Her right leg just would not move then. She became so weak she was nearly falling. I picked her up and put her on the walker chair as it was nearby. Susie finished getting dressed, and I wheeled her to the living room. She was then OK and moved fine. The stroke damage comes and goes, and that is normal but frustrating.

I cleaned our shower and toilet. I did the dishes, swept some of the floors, and continue to try to make everything safer. We moved Susie’s cedar chest out of the bedroom so she would have more room for her walker.

Today started at about 5:30AM. I had broken out in a rash and got some Benedryl and then slept into 9:30ish. I have broken out again this evening and took some more. It is a reaction to fall and stress. It will pass.

I made hot dogs for lunch using the microwave and made Susie Eggo Waffles with peanut butter. I read and cleaned and helped Susie for the afternoon.

I like this video that describes the Lockdown.

I also talked to the Smiths and we are going to try to do a watching party for Hamilton. Da da da da

We meant Mariah at the local Mexican Restaurant to celebrate the new President with Margaritas and Mexican Food. Our waiter was pleased that we came to celebrate with them. She is happy with the election results. I had a flan too. Susie had trouble walking, she only had ice tea, and I wheeled her to the car. She was able to walk when we got home again.

I finished Seven of Infinities by Aliette de Bodard today. It is a novelette. It was wonderful.

Archana from India, a coworker, called to see how we are. I was glad to hear from her. Archana works for Nike as an Employee living in Bangalore.

I ordered more brushes and cleaning supplies to finish the bathroom cleaning from Amazon.

Today more than five-hundred people in the USA died today from the virus.

I picked a mix of one hymn in Spanish and English: Santo Santo Santo – Holy Holy Holy. Methodist Hymnal #64 and #65.

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