Day 240: Monday Cleaning and Ordering

Today finished with Mariah visiting and eating lasagna from Zorida (she sent dinner to us) watching the Monday Night NFL Football while having a glass of Purple Cow wine. The Patriots saved the game in the last three seconds with a long field goal. We thought the Patriots had robbed the Jets who played better for most of the game.

Susie eating while watching football

Before this, I vacuumed and cleaned and organized my too many books in our bedroom. I managed to get all the stacks of books off the floor (some still hidden under the bed). Some books are just moved to another messy place in the house, but I have hope to find more books in those areas that I do not wish to keep. This will reduce the volume and solve the problem, I hope.

I also cleaned the bathroom today. It was well, not clean. I purchased cleaning supplies on Amazon, and the brushes and cleaner came today, which I employed to clean the shower and toilet. The scrubbing in the shower got me soaked. It is getting better.

Corwin vacuumed the rest of the house. I did more laundry.

I also received a new board game from Kickstarter today. This game, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects was produced by a Kickstarter project that started before Covid-19 and was delivered today. It was manufactured in China and shipped from New Jersey, completely ready to be mailed. This is the deluxe version.

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects board game is a rework of the previous out-of-print game by the same name. This version has pre-painted structures that you assemble with the other players into the wondrous palace and temple for Cleopatra. It is one of the few 3-D board games. It is a resource management game with a twist that you can accept corruption to get an advantage, but you have to be careful not to take too much and lose the game (you are fed to the crocodiles). I got it as the temple, and other neat Egyptian items would still work for some of my tabletop miniature games. It looks fun.

Susie was up and dressed and headed off to Zerida for hair, skin, nails, etc. She does every Monday at 9:20ish. Even with the stroke, we wanted Susie to try to do those things she usually did to help her recover. Off to enjoy some treatments!

I started today at 7:30ish and contacted Nike and updated my time off information. I received paperwork for my extended paid leave request–an email from the insurance company that handles these types of claims. The policy is for 8 weeks at Nike (I was looking for just four). I then wrote a letter to Susie’s doctor and attached the paperwork. I drove this to the doctor’s office. I also scheduled an appointment with the same doctor on Wednesday. I am hoping we can get the paperwork all done in the next few days.

I then had lunch at Panera and stopped by Office Depot to get some folders and cleaning items. I also went to Powell’s and bought some books, including Charles Stross’s newest book: Dead Lies Dreaming. I found a five-book set of European medieval history for a lot less than what I saw before that I added to my history collection. So I made my too many book problem just a little bit worse.

I no longer buy books unless I feel the physical book will help. I find it impossible to read footnote on a Kindle, for example. For history and technical reading, I still buy a book. In the case of Charles Stross I get physical copies–it fits with the subject.

Today, in the USA we lost more than six hundred forty people to the virus.

Not a prayer or hymn today, but one of Susie fav: Nessum dorma.

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