Day 242: Wednesday

Today we met with Susie’s primary care doctor. We also scheduled occupational therapy for Thursday at 9:30. Our doctor was pleased to see us. We went over some of the events. Susie answered the question on her condition compared to before on a scale of 1-10 as a 2. Susie is weak and a bit scared. Our doctor wants Susie to work with the therapists and me to help her get her exercises done. It is essential to try to get back strength and capability. The doctor will also fill-out my leave request paperwork in the next couple of days.

I started the morning uncomfortable and with a headache. I got started at about 7:30ish. I did the dishes and folded the laundry, and put it away. I made breakfast myself and just puttered around, hoping coffee and water would end the headache. I got Susie, she is exhausted today, going at 11ish. I got her scones I made yesterday to go with coffee.

I went out and moved the leaves off the driveway so Susie would not have them in her way. I definitely did not hit Air Volvo with the rake when I applied my attention to only the leaves and left a small mark that only I can see. This definitely did not happen.

We boarded Air Volvo and managed to survive Oregonians drivers braking for green-lights and driving slower in the left lane. This is often called the passing lane, but that use is seldom seen here. We arrived with plenty of time and were quickly checked in with temperature taking and promising we have not been exposed to Crovid-19 or traveled outside of the USA.

Aside: We did travel in December, and when I came for an appointment in January, I set off extra paperwork. Back then, Amsterdam was not on the CDC list and not even in the software drop-down as an outside USA location! Covid-19 was not yet known, and it was considered the only precaution. There were already warnings in place to watch travelers in January in doctor offices.

We were going to head to the Bier Garden in Beaverton for lunch. Susie decided she was too tired for lunch out. I sent a note to Mariah that we could not join her for lunch later.

We found flowers from Dondrea and family outside. Susie is just surrounded by flowers.

I made grilled sandwiches for Susie (grilled cheese) and me (grilled ham and Swiss cheese). I then finished setting up our new entertainment. We now have Fire TV plugged into the TV’s HDMI port, and I have a remote for it. It should also work with Alexa (called Echo in our house) that already controls some of the house’s lights.

Aside: The bedroom and the living room lights are Philip Hue, and I have a bridge Alexa so that Susie can just call out to Alexa to control the lights in the bedroom and the living room. Often the bedroom light is set to 50% when I am reading. The kitchen light is a motion detector and comes on when you walk into the kitchen and turns off after five minutes without movement. The hall lights and bathroom lights are all switches so that we have lights if the network fails.

With Fire TV working, I bought a year subscription to Disney +. Susie was happy to then watch Sleeping Beauty. She sang along. We then did the Frog Princess as I like the music in that animated story. We finished most of Moana as we all like that story. We did not quite finish it today is Veteran’s Day, and the Mash the last episode is played today. Susie wanted to see it.

I read and rested a bit.

Sadly, more than fourteen hundred people in the USA died from the infection.

Today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month when the Great War ended. My grand-uncle William was there for that day in 1918. I found this poppy song for today.

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