Day 243: Shopping as Treatment

Today we started in a rush to be ready for Occupational Therapy at 9:30 this morning. We were ready and rushing. It did not happen. I called, left messages and was told from the office that we did not have an appointment. I had spoken the day before to their Occupational Therapist, and she asked me if Thursday at 9:30 would work. Obviously, something went wrong. It is frustrating, but it is not the time to complain about medical folks missing an appointment in a pandemic. Obviously, we needed a plan B.

I took Susie to the Bargarten (their spelling) in Beaverton. I was their first customer when they re-opened just for take-out. We ordered a sausage dinner for four on the internet. It was huge and came in three trays and was then only pick-up. I remember the manager or owner being so happy to see us when we came for the order. It was so stressful for them to re-open, and we were their only order, but they have survived to now and are open and very careful. Susie and I had a fondu with bread and sausage. Susie had a steak sandwich. I ordered a pork cutlet—too much food. The manager remembered us and sent us a free dessert.


Susie had to walk up stairs and take her walker to the ladies room. Lots of shopping therapy!

We then headed to Powell’s, where Susie again walked quite a distance with her walker. We went to find some reading material for her. I asked if they could fit in two more, there is a limit, and Powell’s staff was so happy to be asked that they all but walked us into the store (keeping social distancing intact).

Susie walked to her favorite author and found a few books. I found one under history. I also found earrings for a Christmas gift for a friend. The earrings are in the shape of scrolls with the words “We The People” cut from thin wood and the word DISCOUNT on them. Hmmm.

We came home, and Susie was dragging. She took a long nap. That was my solution to a non-show for therapy: Shopping Therapy. We received a call from the same office, and we have Physical Therapy now scheduled for 9 tomorrow. We are optimistic this will happen.

I attended tonight our church’s Theology Pub on Zoom. This is a program that has been running for over five years. Our leader Dondrea had picked the word Coalition to discuss. It was mostly a political discussion. We concluded that the country approaching the future with a coalition of both sides from the election will require both sides to approach this coalition with humility and forgiveness.

We also spoke about books important to us. I listed The Frogs by Aristophanes and The Works and Days by Hesiod. The Frogs is a play about corruption and finding a means to correct it, a political work. It also has so many dirty jokes; it is hard to translate–perfect! Hesiod writes in his epic poem The Works and Days about the ordering of humankind’s activities and that there is a purpose to work. For me, the truth these works illuminate is that there are good and bad things, and good can be determined and acted on. Also, they are a bit lighthearted, and I like that.

I was ill part of the day with some medication side-effects. I should know better. So it was a slow-going day for me with little more done at the house.

Corwin made spaghetti with ground beef and sauce from a jar. I had some, and it was good—just a small amount. The German food was filling, and the side-effects were slowing me down. Susie, also still stuffed, just had a waffle with peanut butter for dinner.

More than eleven-hundred people died from the virus today in the USA. My sister is ill and friends at church are ill.

I found a Charles Wesley hymn I did not know or remember singing: Depth of Mercy. Methodist Hymnal #355. This version has a slightly more modern text than the Methodist Hymnal.

1 thought on “Day 243: Shopping as Treatment”

  1. What a smart plan B shopping therapy- LOVE IT.
    I am waiting in my car for the test. Headache shortness of breath, achy , lowgrade fever. Picking up beef bulgogi bowl for lunch/dinner after test.
    Love you all💕


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