Day 244: Therapy and Broken Mac

I am using my Nike computer to do this writing today without all my fancy editors so there will likely be some missing comas and other issues. My Mac with all the fancy tools decided that Friday the 13th was the day for the hard drive to fail. I managed to get to an actual human to look at this morning and I learned that Apple withdrew support for my model years ago and there are no replacement parts for it. The only good news was the my back up was good and can be restored. My choices were to fix it myself or buy a supported model and let them do it in about three weeks. There are a lot of broken Mac and few repair places now–Covid-19 again.

The mac crashed just before Susie’s new Physical Therapist came. We are so happy to work with her. Susie was walking just a bit better after working with her and has some exercises to do. We will see the Physical Therapist back on Monday afternoon. Susie can also ride her exercise bike. Susie is not to get tired or over do it while working on her bike or while doing her new exercises.

I contacted the best Mac store on the web, OWC, and used chat to learn the best new flash drive I can put in my broken and unsupported Mac. I ordered one about twice as fast and twice the storage as the failing one. It will be here likely on Monday. I also remembered to order the special screw drivers to crack-open my Mac. I have replaced and restored drives before. It is why I have Time Capsule from Apple. I have never lost data.

I also spotted a nice 2018 Apple used model that would do if the repair fails.

Lunch was a sandwich, cold roast beef and swiss cheese.

Dinner was with Wayne and Ann from church. It was Wayne’s birthday and Susie’s birthday is coming up so we went out to dinner to celebrate a bit. We went to the local Mexican place.

I then practiced a game of a new board game, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects. I played two players to get an understanding of the rules. You assemble Cleopatra’s palace-temple while playing the game.

Bring this to a rushed close as I try to use other hardware and software, I saw that more than thirteen hundred people in the USA died from the infection today. My sister’s, Linda Wild, test results are not in yet. She is being very careful.

I was talking to Ann about my music choices for this blog and she mentioned a hymn and I just turned to it randomly tonight, so it must be the one we want! Please enjoy Methodist Hymnal # 505 When Our Confidence is Shaken.

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