Day 246: Quiet Sunday

Lunch was the big goal today and Susie doing her exercises. We managed to get both done. Mariah called on her way back from Seattle, she was there for a break and to enjoy the art museums, and she wanted to join us for lunch. All of Oregon is locking down again on Wednesday for two weeks so it is our last weekend for some time to have lunch out. We picked the always safe Golden Valley Brewhouse (GVB). Again, everyone had masks on, the tables are spaced far apart, and the staff and guests all are careful. Perfect.

I started after a late night reading, I finished a book all except two pages, and started about 10ish. I did the dishes and started more laundry. I slipped in an other episode of Mandalorian. We now have Disney+.

I got Susie going about 11ish and ran her through her exercises a few times. I got her a light snack of coffee and a corn muffin. We then headed to GVB.

We meet Mariah at the GVB in the bar in a booth. We chatted about writing and the art and the differences between Seattle and Portland. I think our conclusion is that we admire Seattle as a real urban city, but we like our area. Susie had meatloaf and I a mushroom burger.

On the way back I stopped at Rainy Day Games and purchased a new game I have been eying for months: Raiders of Scythia. This is from the same makers as Architect of the Western Kingdom that I like so much. I purchased the metal coins made for the game. I am really looking forward to trying one of the “Raiders” games.

Susie was tired after lunch and the exercises. We both took a long nap. I finally got up and made bratwursts for dinner. Susie was happy with peaches from a can and more corn muffins.

Again, I am waiting to repair my Apple, so I am not getting my cool editing tools, and photos are much harder to do. I am sorry if there are any typos.

We did Susie’s exercises a second time today. She is getting better at them.

Today in the USA it was reported that more than six-hundred forty people died from the virus.

Rev. Anne Weld-Martin points this music to me:

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