Day 247: Monday Busy

I slept into 7:30ish this morning. I then got coffee made and had a light breakfast. I did the dishes from yesterday, and started on the laundry that was still in the washer from last night. Monday, Susie gets hair, nails, toes, and so on from Zerida. I put a away the board game Raiders of Scythia that I really liked, and which I set-up and tried to learn last night. I often finish a new game the next morning; this morning I just put it away. It is a busy morning.

Before I could check where the new hard drive for my Apple was, it was here–before 8:30ish is pretty good timing. Susie was gone at 9ish to her treatments. Our next appointment is for Physical Therapy at 3:30 today.

After Susie leaves, I take the special screw drivers and my static-free mat and open up the broken Mac. I replace the SSD drive with the new one. I find a paper card with the new drive that warns that it will not be recognized in older versions of the operating system. I have one of the newest versions. I easily install it, trying to put in backwards until I spotted the connectors on the other end!

I rebooted, and then I discover that the Internet based recovery tools are an earlier version (!). They do not recognize the new hardware just like I was warned. I also discover that the new versions of the recovery tools that I have cannot access my Time Machine back ups! I have a choice to restore or start over, not both. I instead restore to a FireWire drive I have for some work I was going to do with Python and Machine Learning. It is now erased but loaded with a copy of all my files. I am breathing better now; I have recovered my files. It took 10 hours to restore it.

While the restore is running I have Chicken Noodle soup, from a can, and Corn Chips. I watch some more videos on Board Game Geek’s website on how to play Raiders of Scythia. I also finish the first season of the Mandalorian on Disney+. I am trying to not panic and relax while my files restore.

I vacuum the living room and hallway. I start the rest of the laundry.

Susie returns and has a late lunch, McDonald’s Happy Meal. This is her fav.

Susie reads. I clean the shower, it is beginning to sparkle, finally. I also clean the toilets. I collect all the trash. I am keeping busy and trying to make things better.

Susie’s Physical Therapist shows up on time, and we wear masks. Susie gets new exercises, and these are harder and more about balance. The goal is to make Susie safer. The most remarkable exercise involved a piece of foam that Susie stands on and tries to just stand for thirty seconds and then again with her eyes closed. So far it is a goal. Next session is Friday in the morning at 11:30, Susie’s birthday.

I defrosted steaks, flat-iron. We are having steak and eggs for dinner. Mariah will join us as we are going to watch Monday night football. My Roll20 game canceled as two of my players cannot make it, and my laptop is not working so it was going to be rough going on my work Windows machine.

Mariah brings potatoes and we bake some. We talk about baking and what kind of cake to make for Susie. Susie wants a carrot cake. I have never done one before except from a box mix. More to follow.

We watch the NFL game and I cook and check on my computer. It is a bit chaotic. I managed to almost set the pot mitt on fire when I set it down too close to a still hot burner. I almost burn the eggs too, but I save them just in time. I am distracted by the game, Susie, the Mac, and well life.

Despite the near disasters, I manage to get dinner out and the steaks not over done, eggs with herbs de province, potato with butter and sour cream. Susie and Mariah approve. The kitchen, which was cleaned this morning, is returned to a state of chaos and dirty dishes.

I have to reload the Mac to the new OS as there is no means to restore from the recovery tools. I am now running that process. It is going very slow. It is at least going.

Mariah leaves after the Vikings finish off Chicago Bears. I finish the laundry.

I am hopeful I will get my Mac back Tuesday afternoon. We heard from the Occupational Therapist and she will be here on Tuesday at 12:30. Susie has a dermatologist appointment on Wednesday. I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. So this week is just filled with medical stuff.

A very stressful day for me, but technology may yet prevail! Sorry if I have missed some typos and comas.

Reports show more than seven-hundred thirty deaths in the USA today, two from Oregon. The rate for a Monday is the same level in June 2020.

Today’s song is Hymn of Promise. This is found as #707 in the Methodist Hymnal.

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