Day 248: Tuesday Tired

Susie had some issues at 5:30AM this morning. I had to do some caregiver work and clean-up some things. Details are best not recalled. This left me with interrupted sleep. I got going about 10ish very tired and even a bit dizzy. Being an IT person, I knew it would pass. I started slow. The dizzy part passed and I was careful all day.

I continued with laundry and get something to eat. I get Susie going at 11ish. My Mac is still restoring and did get about 1/3 done. The restore process is running very slow. I really miss my computer and all my cool tools. Really want it done. It looks like another day of waiting.

We had Holly from Occupational Therapy here at 12:30. She went over Susie’s current abilities to help run the house hold and how safe Susie is moving about the house. Susie has some new exercises. She is to keep a journal to help her remember her day. Susie is also carry her laundry out of the bedroom.

After that I made some cheese hamburgers for lunch. I try to use the food we have already. Susie had her burger and cheese without a bun with potato salad.

I took a nap and try not to watch my Mac restore. I put some of my figures around the Mac and my Dr. Fauci Boblehead for luck.

I made chicken soup from a can and cheese and salami on crackers for dinner.

We then watched Nova’s Can We Cool The Planet and then I read some more.

We have more medical stuff on Wednesday.

Today it was reported that more than sixteen-hundred ten people died today in the USA from the virus.

Today’s hymn is one I think I can sing: I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light.

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