Day 249: Tough Day for Susie

Today was a non-stroke related medical appointment for Susie. The dermatologist appointment was just after lunchtime, and Susie had seven skin biopsies. This is in addition to the six she had last month. Those include multiple pre-cancer lesions that need to be removed; Mohs surgery is already scheduled over two different days in December. We are challenged with more skin items likely to be in 2021. This is a tough day!

After that adventure, we stopped by McDonald’s and Burger King for lunch. We actually ate it in the car while we got gas for Air Volvo. Refueling is unusual as we do not travel much. The new lockdown in Oregon, starting today, eliminates most reasons for leaving the house.

I ordered groceries, we are almost out of toilet paper, including some add-ons for Susie from Susie wants a carrot cake for her birthday. I have found at King Arthur Flour’s website a recipe that looks good. I have most of the items now, but I might need two tries at this, so I ordered extra.

My Apple computer, a 2014 Retinal Mac Pro, finally finished restoring my data, profiles, and applications this early evening. I was able to bring it back to life. I did have to buy a Microsoft Word License, but I have managed to limp along on my old license from two Macs ago; I have avoided the Apple-Microsoft “tax” for years. Big Sur, the version I had to install, has knocked over a lot of my software, but so far I have only had to re-buy Word.

Even Dr. Fauci was working on summoning back my Mac!

Note: My last backup was twenty minutes before the crash. I recovered all data and even every email. The John Wick 2 movie copy to local was the event that tripped the failure–the irony is not lost on me. It is remarkable that I have experienced three total failures and have used Time Machine to recover 100% each time. The only data loss that I have experienced was some PDFs that Apple tried to copy to their iCloud storage, never from a hardware failure or backup failure.

Susie was tired from the biopsies (they usually start to hurt on the next day), and I was still getting my Apple set-up (most of the setting survived, but there are always little surprises) we ordered from Happy Panda Chinese. It is always good, fresh, well made if you don’t mind the generic American version.

I have learned in my adventure with the Apple that Time Capsule is a dead technology. Apparently, it overloads WiFi and is slow (that I can confirm) to restore. I have ordered a new 5TB drive with uses USB to use for Time Machine back-ups. My Apple is also no longer supported in any way by Apple, with no spare parts available. I have a dual-core 3Ghz with 16G memory, and it was cutting edge four years ago. It is running Big Sur without slowing. I will resist replacing this for a while, I think.

Note: I have installed a 2TB Aura SSD, and is about three times faster than my old original hard drive and twice the size. It is also the largest drive available for this platform now. I do not wish to ever again open the laptop!

A hard day for us, but we have passed through it. I just have a dentist cleaning on Thursday. That looks easy compared to these last weeks!

I have all my tools back.

The US stock market went up when there appeared to be a vaccine. The stock market went down when their appears to be no stimulus plan, no plan or funning to distribute the vaccine, and new lockdown are being done helter-skelter across the USA. But, Nike stock is at $132. My 401K is at record levels.

More than nineteen-hundred sixty people died today in the USA from the virus include ten people from Oregon. The rate of deaths is back to the April level. I fear a disaster is coming; the hospitals and the health care system cannot handle what is coming. I cry.

I found this song with an adaption by a relative of my favorite war hero, Admiral Horatio Nelson, and could only find this version that I liked: As the Sun Doth Daily Rise.

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