Day 252: Slow Saturday

My inner ear is a bit off today, and I am dizzy. I hope the cold tonight can bring an end to all the pollen that is making me a bit grumpy and messing with my ears. I missed a meet-up and did not play any games today. Slow today.

I started about 8ish this morning. I managed some sleep, but I woke tired. I managed to get up and read email and news. I called a few people, taking to mom Wild. Before I knew it, it was noon. I ordered lunch from Gyro House in Beaverton. I had a lamb gyro and got lentil soup and bread for Susie as a change.

I always put a note on my order to Gyro House that I miss them. Today they wrote back.

Message in lunch

I spent the day staying inside working on a 6000-word story I wrote about my hero Howard in the lockdown. I want to add an epilogue as we are now a bit further into the lockdown, and I want to include a few more events.

I did take a few breaks for a short nap and to read when hours and hours of editing got to me.

Susie is doing her exercises every day.

I used Grammarly to edit the story. Grammarly has an add-in for the Microsoft Word version I had to buy when I upgraded my Mac this week. Before, I had to upload the story and then download it. Now I can just run it inside of the document, cool! The new hard drive is very fast and I see no time to save now.

I had a huge number of issues. It took all day to get the document corrected. I also noted that the newest part of the story needs work before I start on the epilogue. I was am happy that all the fixes are in now. I just have to rework the last sections.

I made cheese burgers, no bun for Susie, for dinner for just Susie and I.

Susie is watching an old Clint Eastwood film while I write. I made microwave popcorn to go with it. I have missed popcorn and going out to the movies. It is not the same, but fresh popcorn is always good!

Today it was reported in the USA that fourteen-hundred sixty people died from the virus including seven from Oregon.

Today I went to something I found on YouTube, GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO. Antonio Vivaldi.

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