Day 253: Sunday Simple Day

Today was quiet too. That is really a blessing as I felt better, so I could get a bit of rest and relaxation. Yesterday I was just tired.

I started at about 8ish, and I just went slow. I read my email and had breakfast. I then ordered some groceries from as an experiment. They will be here in the morning Monday. Delivery is more expensive than, and the items more expensive. So far, the experiment is failing.

Susie started when her mother called and said there was ice skating on the TV. We found that, and I got Susie Eggo waffles with peanut butter. I stepped out for 30 minutes to get some items from Safeway. I thought we could have some more items after reading some recipes I have. Some Thai and Indian style chicken and veggies are possible this week now.

Susie is doing her exercises. She is keeping her journal. She remembers much when I ask her, but she still misses here and there. We keep working on it. Her walking is looking better, and her side stepping is better. This morning she did have trouble getting started, and she was unsure of her movements.

Dinner was reheated stew from two days ago. It was better reheated. I made it with garlic bread I picked up fresh from Safeway.

I watched some more of the Amazon Prime series, The Hunters. It is another well done Hollywood version of history and fiction mixed. This is Nazi hunters in the 1970s. I like it, but it has all usual the warnings–not for kids.

I also wanted to get the board game Istanbul rules down for one of the add-ons I have (I have the big-box version with all the add-ons). I played a game with Mocha and Baksheesh add-on. I just enjoy playing it. There is no official solo version. I just play a two-player game and play both sides and see who will win.

Notice that the white player is a women. I change the image from all men.

I finished up the initial fixes for the Howard’s Lockdown story–I fixed the ending. I started on the fixes for Howard in Amsterdam. It needs work. I still want to add an epilogue to Howard’s Lockdown story to add 2020 Halloween and some more election jokes to it. I will also need to fix up the other three Howard stories.

More than eight-hundred sixty folks in the USA died today from the virus including one person from Oregon.

I turned to this hymn is the Methodist Hymnal, #648, and had not heard it before: God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian.

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