Day 254: Monday Again!

Today started about 8ish, and I totally forgot that Susie had an appointment for hair, toes, nails, and so on with Zerida at 9. Susie remembered and was ready in time, and Susie was off on-time. I did manage to do the dishes, and we ordered Thai food for Corwin and me for lunch. I had Pud Thai with shrimp, my usual. This was from the Thailand Restaurant that I often got take-out from when working at the office. The food is spicy and good.

Susie returned from her appointment with lunch from McDonald’s: Chicken McNugget HappyMeal. This is a fav. Susie took a rest after that. She quickly tires.

I did some more communication for work and put in for another week off. This is a short week–Thanksgiving Week–so I am missing very little this week (nothing usually happens this week). I plan to return to work this coming Monday–this will still be working from home due to Covid-19.

I did some more editing on some Howard stories using Grammarly to fix all the misses. It is hard not to wince at each mistake I missed. I decided to work on all the critical mistakes first. I will do more contextual editing after the basic fixes are in.

I read a bit and rested for a bit. I played a game of Istanbul with the coffee add-on for fun this afternoon against myself. I play a two-person game and see who will win trying to make the score as close as possible.

Dinner is BBQ tonight, and I finally found wooden matches in the garage. It was so dark at 4:30 with the overcast clouds that I could not see. I had to bring up a light to see to light the grill. Finally, I managed to light the gas using a wooden match.

I grilled bratwursts. I try not to carbonize them (I forgot about them a year ago and had carbon), but I like them very well cooked. I, as usual, took the most burned one–slightly crunchy. We had them with potato salad. Susie and Corwin liked them.

I forgot to include Matt Vincent in my Dungeons and Dragons remote game reminder email yesterday! We played today, he (with no notice) and Mackers could not make it, but we had enough players to get through a few difficult encounters. We use Roll20 online service to play D&D 5th Edition (5E) online. Roll20 also has video conferences built-in so we can see each other and talk. I run the games as the Dungeon Master (DM), and everyone else has a character to play. The software even provides lighting effects for the players. They can only see as far as their simulated light sources will let them see.

I spent a few hours reading and preparing for the game today.

Today’s story was about the dreaded Drow Dark Elves and their ruined temple in the Mad Mage’s Dungeon, deep down about halfway to the bottom of the complex. The adventurers are looking to find glory and fortune in the Mad Mage’s Dungeon. Their largest battle was a fight today was with piles of bones and junk that had been animated into undead shambling mounds. The mounds swallowed three characters, but they managed to cut out of them and finish off the vile undead bone piles. Before that, they fought two mutated Drow that was more like giants than Drow Dark Elves. My automated rolls were abysmal for that battle, and the battle was shorter than I expected. It happens sometimes. The adventurers are slowly looting and driving the Drow out.

We have planned occupational therapy for Susie tomorrow, and a new physical therapist comes on Wednesday, Jonathan. Our previous PT had to stop, and so we get a new guy.

Today the certification of the election continues with Michigan certifying its votes for Joe Biden, and the GSA agreed to begin the transition.

The reports have more than nine-hundred seventy people dying today in the USA from the infection. The vaccine is only weeks away.

I turned to this song in the Methodist Hymnal (525) and then found this excellent solo version: We’ll Understand It Better By and By.

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