Day 257: Thanksgiving 2020

Susie fell last night just after I went to bed. I developed a migraine just as I was finishing “Day 256” and was in bed when I heard the tell-tale thud. I knew it was not a serious fall as the thud was moderate and did not have a crash or a second thud. I am a connoisseur of falling and rushed out to help, thinking it was a more simple fall. Susie was on her back, not what I expected, and she had fallen backward. She somehow tangled up her feet when arranging the living room (!?) before going to bed. She could not stand when I pulled her up on her feet. She was just exhausted. I think the PT and the exercises tired her out, and she just went down. We all be more careful.

Today, the morning started about 9ish with us missing some call. Because of the fall, I forgot to put the phone in the bedroom. We started about then. We had no plans other than to pick-up three prime rib dinners from Golden Valley Brewery at 2:30. Susie watched the Macy Parade. Susie was fine and not showing any new weakness.

I made a pumpkin pie. I make it every year–exactly the same and from the same label off of a can. There is a story, but I will keep that for another year. In the evening, I dropped off two pieces of pie at the Weld-Martins as we usually do Thanksgiving together, but not in 2020. They still get my pie!

The secret to my success!

I finished making the pie this afternoon, and then it was about time to get dinner. Corwin got home right after I left Susie. Golden Valley Brewery had ten cars at least picking up food. In about fifteen minutes, they had me sorted and on my way.

The food was perfect prime rib with mashed potatoes and fresh and maybe undercooked (to my taste) green beans with a perfect roll so light it just melted away. The salad was with blue cheese with nuts, cranberries, and a sharp but perfect vinaigrette. The prime rib was huge. Susie ate about 1/3 of her prime rib. She will have it for lunch tomorrow! She had pie a bit later and then 1/2 of the apple tart supplied by GVB.

Thanksgiving was a success, and I called GVB and identified myself, and thanked them for a wonderful dinner.

Please note, here in the Greater Portland Area we have a 30+ year tradition of Kink.FM playing at 5PM on Thanksgiving the song “Alice’s Restaurant.” We listened to that after dinner and while relaxing a bit. The 1968 version, the original version, is 18+ minutes long and gets only played twice a year. Susie, Corwin, and I were singing along and smiling at the funny stories.

Returning to gaming things, I also ordered cards for one of my games today, Twilight Imperium 4 (TW4). I just got a new expansion for the already huge and complex game, but I learned that I was behind the times. I had not seen the Omega items. Apparently, a new set of replacement content and new content was published back in May. The publisher has not created a set of official replacement parts; instead, you can print your own!

I went to the Make-playing-cards website and uploaded the images, supplied from the Board Game Geek website, and then ordered the cards made for me. It was actually fun to follow the instructions, all on a post on Board Game Geek, and create 56 cards, front and back, for the game from the supplied images. I ordered a small practice set of just 16 cards to see if I got them right. I will get the cards about mid-December. I just love the Internet.

Lastly, today I took the new expansion for TW4 and applied it to the base game. The new rule book for “Prophecy of Kings” covered how to do this. I had to remove some replaced content and then add new content to the existing part of the base game. This would not be hard, but Twilight Imperium 4 has over 500 plastic pieces combined with the extension! There are now 31 different factions to play with different markers, powers, cards, and likely special markers just for them. All add to be updated and stored in separate ziplock bags. I will not be playing this game until the virus is under control as it is best with six players and takes about six hours to play.

Today more than thirteen-hundred ten people in the USA died from the virus.

As we are now in Holiday Season, I picked my first seasonal song: ๐•บ ๐•ฎ๐–”๐–’๐–Š, ๐•บ ๐•ฎ๐–”๐–’๐–Š, ๐•ฐ๐–’๐–’๐–†๐–“๐–š๐–Š๐–‘. This version is in Hebrew and English. Happy Holidays!

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