Day 258: Black Friday 2020

I managed to avoid most of the sales for Black Friday. I did get the fruit cakes and fudge out for friends and relatives last night and this morning. I also sent my traditional Christmas gift to the pastor, a set of Frankincense, Muir, and some gold (a tiny amount), all this time in a nice wooden chest via Amazon. I would get candle sets in the past, but this being 2020, where everything is in doubt, I went with the real stuff from Amazon!

I started a bit late at 9ish as I was tired and did not get to sleep until about 1ish last night. Susie slept in even later. I headed out as I had a few tasks to complete. I send cash to Susie’s nieces and nephews, off to the bank. I had to drive to the large branch as the Aloha branch is closed. I was provided with Grants and Franklins.

This evening, I ordered some nice cash cards and envelopes from to send them in a week.

Returning to the morning events, I stopped by the game store, Rainy Day Games, as I need some Chaos Black spraypaint. I use it for priming figures in black. It is Black Friday, so they had some specials, and I had to wait outside until they could get the store people-count back to a safe level. They strictly manage the safety of the shop–masks in place. I picked up a gift that was 30% off, a figure I like (the headless horseman), and ordered the paint–they are out (yes, the irony of being out of black paint at a store that sells figures on Black Friday is not lost on me).

New figure to paint and showing the shading without paint. The light is from above.

They know me at the store, so we chatted about figure painting a bit. I told them I had a Scooby-Doo set of figures painted. They looked up where to get the figures, HassleFreeMiniatures in the UK, right then and looked at them. We all want this Convid-19 thing over with so we can get back to serious game playing!

I picked up a few supplies at the pharmacy and returned home. Corwin has a late Thanksgiving today with a small group of friends and was making potatoes, cheese sauce, and ham. I printed him out a recipe this morning.

I put on Love Actually from our DVD copy. This is one of Susie’s favs for a holiday. I believe it is one of the best put together movie I know, and the music and weaving of multiple storylines into a continuous narrative just works.

I made the same cheese, ham, and potato dinner as Corwin made as a side dish. I put on the old classic Casablanca for this. Another sort of Christmas story that weaves multiple stories into one fun rump. Such lines as “I am only a poor corrupt official” and “the usual suspects” I just enjoy.

We then watched the news while eating, on PBS. I also got two load of laundry in the basket and on hangers. Folding and put-away is likely tomorrow.

I washed a group of orcs from another dudes-on-board game, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea, to begin the painting process. The board game, I purchased at about 40% off a year ago, comes with seven races that are represented by 20+ figures in the Dungeons and Dragons scale (28mm or 1/54). I have two races painted: Humans and Undead.

The orc figures are next placed standing up on a cardboard piece and are now being painting the color Chaos Black. When the black covers the figures, about three coats, I paint them with a mist of white primer from above to create a shadow. Next, I will then paint them with washed-out paints to retain some of the undercoating shadows from the Chaos Black primer. This usually means a quick paint job as there is no repainting. Museum-quality is done in multiple coats with different lighting for each coat and takes time. I just want nice looking.

For Black Friday I started painting undercoat of black!

Today more than thirteen-hundred sixty people died in USA from Covid-19.

This is one of my fav songs and this is my fav version: Mary Did You Know.

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