Day 259: Saturday Thanksgiving Weekend

Susie was up and down last night. She could not sleep. I started my day with interrupted sleep at 8ish. I had a 10:30 appointment for a haircut with Zerida. I needed to be back to help Susie get going to make the 1:30 appointment for hair, nails, etc., also with Zerida. We have a nurse coming on Monday to talk to Susie that does yet have a time; apparently, they will call and let us know. We could not do Susie’s normal Monday, so Zeriada moved it up to today. So a chaotic morning and early afternoon.

I made my appointment and even managed to stop by McDonald’s and get their burrito breakfast with coffee. I was beginning to have that mad scientist look so it was good to get my hair back to the “you can trust me I am an old IT guy” look. I return to work on Monday (working from home Zooming) and need that safe look.

I then returned home. Remembering that it was Black Friday weekend and local business support day, I stopped at Tammies Hobbies and bought a book on figure painting with an example orc. I was already painting orcs, so I bought it. It is for museum quality and for a huge model, not a 28mm figure. I am painting an army, so I will be taking some shortcuts. I was happy to see I use the same brushes, Kolinsky sable for most work, and some of the primer painting on the model also matches my approach.

I then rushed home and got Susie ready. She was out for a few hours. I had ordered lunch from Biryani Corner using Grubhub. I wanted to try their version of Chicken Tikka Masala with plain naan. I used to make this for a few hundred people, and I wanted to try theirs. I ordered not spicy. Biryani Corner’s version flavor was less complex than mine, but it was nice to try it. Mine, even the Methodist version, is more spicey than their plain version. I should make it again!

Corwin and I removed the glass doors from the shower. I received the new plain shower curtain, clips, and rod from Amazon over the last few days. The occupational therapist required that I remove the doors. Done! Susie has more room now and the doors are no longer in the way.

I then started on Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea board game orc figures. I spray painted the primer and the first highlighting last night. I first dry brush white to bring out even more details.

The darker figures have not been dry brushed with white.

I then paint the bases and let everything dry for an hour or so. I watched the Mandalorian on Disney+. I then returned to the mostly dry figures and added some basic colors. I mix the paint with a flow enhancer and water. I want the paints to be very thin, so the shading already on the figure comes through the paint. This saves me lots of work as I avoid the multilayer painting to get the shading and highlighting.

Susie returned late, about 4PM, and brought her own dinner, McDonald Happy Meal. Susie got her fav: Six-piece Chicken McNuggets. Corwin and I had leftovers. I dropped the ham and broke the plate. It was a gift thirty years ago at our wedding. I was not happy about that!

I checked, and even the replacement center does not have one at some exorbitant price! I am on a waiting list.

We put on the musical Chess from our DVD (it was a pledge gift from PBS years ago), and we watched about half of it. Susie was tired and went to bed early to read and relax. I went back to painting. I was rushing a bit as there are so many figures in this little army (twenty figures). I managed to finish the basic painting for the surf figures (twelve) and started on the others (five warriors and three unique personality figures).

These are the surfs and are basically painted. I have to make corrections and paint the tiny details.

I will finish the details on the surfs and then finish the rest of the painting. Next, I will spray them with a protective coating and then use oil paints to add more black shading. Oils do not change color when they dry, unlike the inks I used before, so I know what I am getting. I then spray another light protective coating, and the figures are done.

On medical items, Susie is using a journal to help with her memory problems. It seems to work. She writes down what the day is, what pills she took, the food eaten, and the event that happened in the day. The memory then seems to stay.

Susie still gets tired, and you have to be watchful when she is this tired. I have been checking on her all afternoon and evening.

I should say I did all the laundry too and picked up the house a bit. I will vacuum and clean the bathrooms on Sunday. I decided I want to paint the orcs this holiday weekend. I will paint the dwarves for the same game during the week and finish them up on the weekend. If I am not painted-out, I will do the elves. That would get the base game painted.

Today more than twelve-hundred ten people in the USA.

I thought it is time for the Little Drummer Boy, African style.

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