Day 260: Sunday Thanksgiving Weekend 2020

The morning started at 8ish for me. Susie was up a few times in the morning. I could try to go back to sleep or get up. I started the day. I have figures to paint!

Today I managed to get the 12 surf orcs painted and ready for shading. I just finished the warrior’s figure painting. I am letting them dry a bit while I made and served dinner. Then I did the dishes and folded laundry. I have to fix up the warrior bases before I spray them with the first protective spray. I still have three personality figures to complete.

I was hoping to complete the orcs this weekend as a treat to myself for the holidays. Just too many things going on to get them done. It is a bit difficult as it is twenty figures!

This morning I was painting and doing dishes. I also had the dwarves drying. This is the next faction I am painting. I have the first coat of black on them. I tip them over and paint them, and then, using rubber gloves, I straighten the figures to dry. It is a bit tricky but produces a very nice finish. I paint the front and the back this way. Previously, I would mount the figures on a board using sticky tack and hold them and spray them with the other hand. And breathe in lots of paint–not anymore.

I made cheese burgers for lunch which was breakfast for Susie and Corwin who slept in.

Susie and I then watched the second half of the musical Chess. This is the staged version done at Royal Albert Hall. The DVD was a thank-you gift for a pledge to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). Here in Oregon, we have one PBS station, OPB, and it is broadcasted on different channels in different places. Originally, the state covered the costs for OPB, but Republican control of the Oregon House changed that, and now OPB is 100% funded by donations and grants–no tax dollars. We all admit that it is better this way.

I started dinner, flat iron steaks from the restaurant supply store–defrosted, baked red sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter, and salad with chopped celery and carrots. I am trying to make dinner from what we have in the pantry and the frig.

I marinated the steak in Teriyaki sauce (also from the restaurant supply place) and then grilled them on the gas grill. I forgot that sweet potatoes are baked in a disk, they leak sugar, so I have a small mess to deal with in the oven. I put them in tin foil like regular potatoes–wrong.

Here are the surfs all ready to be shaded with oil paints.

Here are the warriors that need a few fixes on their bases.

And here is one of the personality figures getting close to finished.

The warrior is less finished at this time. I painted this figure when I was between drying times.

I return to work for Nike from home on Monday. Susie has a nurse here on Monday at 11:30. We will try to make it work. I am approved until January 3rd, but I want to see if we can make this work and start back on Monday.

The reports show that more than eight-hundred ten people died today from Covid-19 in the USA.

I liked this version of What Child Is This? I like Greensleeves.

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