Day 261: Return to work

Today started at 6ish with me getting started on work email and getting time sheets and other details settled. My first meeting was not until 8 so I had time to read emails and get organized. I had breakfast and then slipped in a shower at 7ish.

I spent most of the day trying to remember what issues I still had remaining from three weeks ago, very few. I also was welcomed back and tried to help with some of the crises of the moment.

I will not go into details as work is not that interesting to most folks. The project has spent the three weeks getting closer to its milestones. I have been out ill for weeks and find when I return that nothing seemed to change. Instead, this time real work was done and real progress made by my teams.

Susie started up about 10ish. We had a nurse we thought was coming to review Susie’s meds. Instead, it was a call from the health insurance about alternatives to Susie’s more expensive meds. I was not impressed.

I made a salad for lunch with some ham and cheese and olives. I made Susie a grilled ham and swiss an hour later when she was hungry.

Between meetings, I drove over to the restaurant supply store (formally Cash and Carry) and got chicken and beef for upcoming meals. It was about 1/2 price of what I pay at We have the fixing but not much meat.

For dinner, I made chicken thighs Italian style in the Instant Pot. I made some pasta and opened a can of sauce. It was light and welcomed for dinner.

Tonight is Dungeons and Dragons with all six players on Roll20. We started were we left off with the missing players being popped back into the fight by the Mad Mage. Down on the tenth level full of evil spider elves (known as Drow) the players are searching for glory. The managed to defeat the stone golem spider statue and an a horror of a Drow transformed into a partial scorpion. We played for two hours with just a few technical issues. The Roll20 software handles all the dice rolling and present the players with a 2D view of the complex with dynamic lighting.

I am tired and a bit dizzy as it has been a clear day, and the pollen is still getting to me. I will get some rest. It was hard to get back to work, still care for the house, and ensure Susie is OK.

Today the market took back some of the increases. The lack of a stimulus plan and the increasing infection rate in the USA has the market worried. My 401K is showing just under a positive 16% return for the year.

Today the reports are that more than twelve-hundred thirty people died in the USA of the infection.

I went with a fav of mine and I like the dark singing in this versions: We Three Kings.

2 thoughts on “Day 261: Return to work”

  1. When ever I think of we three kings for some reason I remember us singing in the living room in the plush green carpet. Lol. I love you. 💜


  2. FYI: long day in the world of health care- up not able to sleep just yet. It will come this glass of Chardonnay should help to sleep, tired of covid…


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