Day 262: Tuesday Back at Work

Today was a more normal day at work. Tuesday, I usually have a 7AM meeting, but it was canceled this week, so I had an easy start at 6AM. I also had a meeting with European folks today at 8:30. We try to connect to the European developers every couple of weeks. We make a special effort to make them feel more connected to WHQ by meeting by Zoom every couple of weeks.

After the call with Europe, there were various status meetings, and I had a pile of designs to read. I had a few objections and then agreed to them.

I put a note that I am not approving which was misunderstood, they are approved by others, I just agree that the design is not a risk for Nike. I got a Zoom meeting to explain that I agree.

Lunch was a lamb gyro from Gyro House delivered. I wanted something good for lunch as yesterday was so hard. I could barely finish it.

I did manage a thirty-minute walk today between meetings. My legs are cramping terribly at night; relief may be getting some walking in. I walked a short distant fast. I hope to get another walk in tomorrow and try to get back to the habit.

The last meeting surprised me, I have been out for three weeks on leave to care for Susie, and I believe the issue is at the same place as before.

I could not finish the meeting as Susie had a care issue, and I had to do some caregiving. We got to use the new shower design: no doors now and just a shower curtain. The suction based handholds also work. I check them every morning and remount them if they come loose. Susie’s shower went well, and I managed only to be damp and not fully soaked.

I made Thai Yellow Curry Chicken in the Instant Pot. The new toy to make quick dinners. I cut-up three carrots in large pieces, 1/2 onion chopped, a green pepper cut in large pieces, a handful of fingerling potatoes, spices, and coconut milk. I cooked rice in a normal pot. The chicken was rock frozen chicken breast tenders from a bag in the freezer. I bought these from Smart Foodservice (formally Cash and Carry). I set the Instant Pot to 14 for poultry.

It was just Susie and me for dinner, so I made a smallish dinner and rice. It was tasty, but I had held back on the hot spices as Susie cannot eat them anymore. It was good, but next time I will add some ginger.

Susie and I watched the news on PBS and then I returned to figure painting.

I am finishing up Orcs for the board game Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea. The personality figures needed to have the base painting finished. I had an issue with one figure, the red robe looked like a red x-ray. The red color was in the low areas and the high areas were darker. I have had this problem with the red paint before. I went back to basic painting and painted pure red on the high spots and edges to correct the look. The figure looks better now. The other figures just had some basic fixes and a few missed bits that I had to finish. I will spray paint a clear varnish tomorrow. I will then finish them with oil paints to shade the dark bits. This restores a few details by having them show up better. I will then finish, after oil paints dry, with a last clear varnish. I use oil paints as they shading does not fade when it dries and I can, unlike inks or varnish dips, can just wipe it off and try again.

The game cards are behind the figure.

I have started on the next faction, dwarves. The priming is done.

The market went up a bit today. The market is about where it was last week. Nike stock is at $135 or so.

Today the deaths rose in the USA to the second-worst day so far this year, Two-thousand six-hundred fourteen.

I found this Carol of the Bells.

1 thought on “Day 262: Tuesday Back at Work”

  1. Glad your walking.
    Another positive staff member today…staffing is difficult. Moms birthday tomorrow I’m taking her to get her hair done.. Birthday mask provided.
    Lov to you both💕


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