Day 264: Mother’s Birthday 2020

This is the recovered text. The save and publish functions failed in WordPress for me yesterday. I have returned to their “classic editor.” I was on chat until past midnight trying to recover the rest of this article. It was finished, edited, and ready to publish. 

Talked to mom today as it is her birthday—another 29th birthday for her (80+). My sister took her out to get her hair done and all that. Michigan is also locked down. There are limited choices for celebrations. I sent Barb Wild an Olympia Provisions cookbook. Mom gets an Olympia Provision salami with it, and they signed the book.

I also finished my orcs today. The oil paint dried, and I cleaned off any black spillage on the base and then prayed them with a mat clean coat. I am headed to paint the dwarves next. They get dry brushing of white to bring out some detail, and their bases are painted rust red. This is their faction color in the game: Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea.

Returning to the beginning, I started today at 6:30ish and had to rush as I forgot I had a 7:00 weekly meeting with one of my teams. So I rushed this morning and found my way in time to be all clean and shiny on Zoom at 7. I had meetings run right into lunch today. I made smoky beans from a can with ham that I shared with Susie. A piece of buttered bread too. Very basic but not a bad lunch.

I had more status meetings and crises of the moments for the afternoon. I did slip-out to buy some paint for figures at the hobby store in Beaverton: Tammies Hobbies. They had the Chaos Black spray paint I like to use. They did not have the Mr. Super Clean UV protecting flat clear. It is like its name, very clear. I picked up something else and hope it will work. I have Mr. Super Clear coming from Amazon, but I was hoping to get a can from the local folks.

A few more meetings and a few crises of the moment after my return. I also slipped out for a longer walk. I am trying to get back to my mile walks every day. I was breathing hard, and I feel better even with the wheezing. I believe it is use-it-or-lose for my lungs at 56+.

I received my order from Olympia Provisions today. I bought a lot of sausage and pickles and even some bread. I cooked some brats and kielbasa on the grill and cut up cheese and salamis of various dinner complexities. More of a tapas dinner today. We had some pickles from Olympia Provisions too.

Mariah visited with her little dog. We agreed with the mess now that we would all wear masks except when eating or drinking. Mariah and I both had a porter. We watch the NFL, and it was not the game we expected. Today was Kansan City versus Tampa Bay, and the regular game was delayed because of Covid-19. Some of the team members had tested positive.

Today we reached a new record for deaths from the virus. 2,910+.

I found this song yesterday, and it was lost by the WordPress crash: On This Day Earth Shall Ring. This is a very old song. 

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