Day 265: Friday, Player Two

I finally received my signed copy of the SciFi book Ready Player Two. Mariah pointed out that Powell’s, our local bookstore that sells new and used copies on the same shelf, has a virtual meeting-and-greet with the author, Ernest Cline, next week. I have “tickets” to it, a pin that matches the book design, and, as I said, a signed copy. Mariah picked hers up at the local Powell’s and has been reading it already.

Today started at 6:15, and I was dragging. Susie has been going to bed late, and I am averaging five hours of sleep during workdays. I had to rush as we had a meeting with Front-line at 7. These are the folks who get the support calls–the front-line of support, to start the turnover of our system to support our go-live this December 27th. Yes, when you finally get done, you give it away to support. That is how IT works!

BTW: Nike’s front-line folks are cool under pressure and hard to upset. They have already done most disasters. I remember a car accident in Beaverton, knocking over a telephone pole and ending all connection to Nike’s computers except in the computer room. That is a bad day for them—”a serious outage.” A bug in a program is nothing; they can create a ticket and get it fixed and install the fix without getting even flustered.

Returning to today’s story, I was really too tired, but I had a few more items to read and another status meeting. After that, I then just followed along on email. I slipped out for a walk before the last status meeting.

I managed to remember my mask and my scarf for this cold morning. Frost was still on the roofs and grass. I also managed to make it all the way to my marker. I made my full walk today. I was breathing very hard at the end and wheezing, but I feel a bit better today. No coughing. No wheezing when I lay down. 

My marker is the crazy man-hole cover that is unique to the Greater Portland Area. Is it strange to have a fav man-hole cover? Not in the Pacific Northwest!

Lunch was taco salad. I heated some taco shells and then broke them into bits. I put that over lettuce and cheese and then pour on chili from a can. A dollop of sour cream makes it really nice. 

This is how Susie thinks of me cooking in the kitchen (ever since we saw this): The Little Mermaid – Les Poisson.

I followed along a bit at work, but I took a nap as I was too tired to think straight.

Susie had her physical therapy today. Another new PT person, Victoria; they are having trouble meeting all their appointments and keeping safe. They are sorry to keep changing people on us. It is difficult to do PT in the community with Covid-19. Susie practiced walking with her walker and standing and sitting. Victoria also Susie try some new exercises. Susie was tired after this and took a nap.

I used the Instant Pot to make dinner. I found a recipe for an Asian-styled Honey Garlic Chicken. I undercooked the rice when I let it boiled over by mistake. I then had not added enough water back in and got the water back to a boil before cooking on low. Next time! The chicken, made from rock-solid frozen raw chicken, was good. 

I also started on the dwarf figures for Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea today. The bases are painted red. The red did not cover; I will repainting it tonight. I also did the dry brushing of white to bring forward the details. This is my new painting process for game quality painting with dark shading.

I managed to start Ready Player Two, as I said, even falling asleep once, but I already like it. It is light reading, and the book is almost a kids’ book, but I liked the zaniness in the first book, and it looks like the author is headed back that way. Looking forward to reading it.

The death rate from Covid-19 is still high: 1,270+.

I like this version of Oh Holy Night

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