Day 266: Saturday with Hamilton

One of the reasons I bought Disney+ was to watch Hamilton. I have only seen a few short bits and looked forward to seeing the movie in the theater. Then Covid-19 happened, and Disney did not release the movie except on Disney+. Susie loves Disney, and since the purchase, we have watched a lot of animated movies. It has been a good deal. We watched the animated movie Ratatouille earlier today–it is one of my favs.

Tonight the Smith’s and the Wild’s had a viewing party. We used Facetime to talk, and we arrange a Disney+ group watch. This meant that either side, Smith’s or Wild’s, could control the movie. We enjoyed Hamilton together. And that is why I am a bit late getting this blog done.

Before this, I made dinner with the Instant Pot. It was not a success. I tried to make a Chicken Tikka Masala, and while it looked right, the taste was quite flat. I had a C8 again on the pot but was able to restart it. I am not sure that this ruined some of the flavors or if I just need more spice. More to learn, I guess.

Going even further back, Susie was up before 11, and she took her pills and had some toast. We then decided to head out in the bright sunlight for lunch. Lockdown lunch was eating Taco Bell in their parking lot. Three other cars were doing the same.

We then took a round-about drive to the Washington Square Mall. The parking was packed with not all folks wearing masks. We called The Cheesecake Factory and ordered a whole Keylime Cheesecake delivered to our car. I was not going to buy just a few slices for all the trouble.

I did not manage to do any figure painting today. I had to clean my painting tray. I had to let some rubbing alcohol soften the waste paint dried to the tray. I then scrubbed off the paint and now can reuse it.

I received a few texts today, and I have read a few reviews that the Prophecy of Kings extension of the massive board game Twilight Imperium 4 is causing some chaos. I was told that the game length is extended and that the factions all seem over-powered now. This fits with what I saw in my reading the rules. Like the other 4X game, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea, a lot is going on now. You have to pick a focus, and you can’t build everything. Also, the decisions are now harder as the game is more random, and this new randomness (exploring, relics, new planets, and so on) means that how to decide what is right will be difficult, if not impossible. It is an interesting change to a solid game.

The number of deaths from Covid-19 today in the USA is over 2,250.

I turned right to Lord of the Dance today. Methodist Hymnal #261.

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