Day 272: Normalish Friday

Today I had a mostly slow and easy Friday. Nothing went wrong at the house. No sudden caregiving events today. No huge meltdowns at Nike’s computers. Just a slow status meeting full day. It was nice to have a day like that.

It will not be that interesting of a blog as it was just a normal quiet day.

I started at 6ish and responded to email and tried to get caught up and see what I needed to do. It is Friday. There are usually no emergencies in our program. I am not doing production support. Thus the usual suspects of Fridays’ problems do not belong to me now.

So I just caught up and tried to help here and there. Again, almost everything is working today, and our cut-over for the new system I am helping to start is on Monday morning.

The narrative is already moving to lunch. I ordered a massaman curry (beef) from Ma-Now Thai Cuisine. It was perfect and was delivered on-time. It was too much food, but it was soooo good. I made an Eggo Waffle for Susie with peanut butter. She was running late on Thursday, so we bumped her “Thursday” pill to today. She takes that pill for bone strength, drinks lots of water, and sits for 45 mins without moving or eating.

We have no medical things today.

I had a few more details to do, and then at about 3ish, I called it a weekend. I then rested a bit and did the dishes.

I have been painting the figures each night for a few minutes for the board game Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea. I am using the technique of using washed out paints to create easy shading effects. The look is good enough for gaming figures. The look also works for modern figures that are not SciFi.


I created a comparison. The picture has three groups of figures. The Star Trek figures are painted over white primer and use ink to shade. I then correct that with a bit more paint. This is how I use to paint. I do it only now for figures. I want very bright.

The Doctor Who figures on the other side use more shading and a bit dusty looking. I was not that happy with the look, except for military figures, UNIT in this case.

The fantasy figures in the middle use the black primer and light white over the black. The paints are then diluted. For these, I used special inks that were used to bring out the highlights. The paint on these middle figures is a bit dark for me, but they are better than game board quality. These fantasy figures are from Estonia.

Just a few lessons while I was thinking about it.

These figures on the bottom of the tray use oil paints to create shading instead of inks I used before. These are brighter and less work.

I defrosted some ribeye steaks. I grilled the steaks on the gas grill. I did not notice the grill was on when I opened the gas tank valve. I threw a lighted match in–checking that there was no leak and there was a woosh, and it lighted. I do not try to light it so dramatically, most nights. I heated up some rolls, and we had peaches from a can. I am tired of making green beans. The steaks are from Smart Foodservice Warehouse. I do not recommend them, the steaks are cut too thin. I forgot that when I bought them.

Reports are still showing a terrifying death rate for the virus in the USA of 3,031, including 15 from Oregon, for today. Reports I have found show the current USA’s death daily rate is 150% of its previous average, suggesting strongly that Covid-19 is causing more deaths at the rate shown in the reports.

I have done this before, but it is a prayer, and we could use a prayer today.

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