Day 271: Thursday Back At IT

How can it be 271 days? Last year I was getting ready to travel to Amsterdam for Christmas with Susie and Corwin. This year is much different. My trip to Australia was canceled, and my dreams of visiting some exotic location this fall were now reduced to drive through at Taco Bell. We are trying, like most people in Oregon, to get safe and not go mad.

Work began at 6ish, and I had a meeting at 7 that I was a few minutes late. Susie had some issues that required me to do some caregiving at 630ish. I then had back-to-back Zoom calls for the morning.

It was a hectic but normal day. I was able to cover most items in the morning.

I also slipped out and got a short walk in this morning. Susie went back to sleep and slept late today.

The local church has the three wise men bringing gifts to HOPE. It is an interesting intellectual change for 2020 that I really like.

I also saw our local crows everywhere, and they are quite large now. The animal life in the area, including a hulking raccoon that keeps visiting my backyard and deck, has enjoyed reducing human activity.

Lunch was complex. I went to order from Gyro House, deciding that I needed something special today, and the order went through but never came. They are closed today, and the order is filled for Friday. I canceled the order when it never showed. I thought it was for today.

I went back to GrubHub, both hungry and a bit frustrated, and decided on a nice lunch. I went with French. I selected La Provence Orenco for breakfast delivered now. French Toast With Caramelized Bananas And Walnuts for Susie (Corwin had the other two pieces, Susie could only finish the first two pieces), and for me, the corned beef hash with two poached eggs and a dreamy croissant. It was 1ish before it showed, but it was worth the wait and the trouble (and a bit expensive but so good).

Susie started about 1ish, and I had to serve her lunch while I was Zooming for Nike. I had to listen to the meeting while running out to get Susie food, drink, and so on. It was a bit stressful, but everything worked out.

My 2PM meeting was canceled, which was good as Susie had physical therapy at 2ish. Jonathan reassessed Susie’s progress and determined another four weeks of therapy was worth the investment. He ran Susie through a lot of walking and standing and checking her strength. Susie can stand from a sitting position five times in thirty seconds. Her goal is seven in thirty seconds. Normal is twelve or more, but we will take seven! Susie has a few more items to work on. She was exhausted when he left.

We had masks on the whole time and asked all those questions about exposure, of course.

I had two more meetings after that. One was a crisis of the moment, and so I had to cancel another meeting. I was happy to reach the end of Zooming for Nike.

Dinner was with Chef Boyardee for Susie, comfort food for her. I put some pizza from Tuesday in the microwave, and it was not terrible. After the huge late breakfast for lunch, a few slices were all I needed.

No NFL today as I had Theology Pub, a Zoom church meeting. We had a discussion on Serenity in Religion. Our discussion was often about the mix of trust, trust in God, and how we find serenity. We had a discussion about how to find evil and how to be rid of it. We agreed that being a good example is the best way to fight evil. For our Zoom call, we have folks from Texas, Utah, and local folks. Everyone was in a good mood. The Covid-19 vaccine was approved today in the USA. Many are also happy to see the change of leadership in the USA. That and Christmas has a smile on everyone’s face tonight.

Today the death rate from Covid-19 is one of the highest numbers this year: 2,974.

Despite folks lying in social media about the rate of death, the count is higher than the death rate from car accidents and vastly higher than flu deaths in past years. It is projected that the death count will be higher than the total deaths for the USA for World War 2, all in one year.

Today’s song is one of my favs for Christmas and the version my fav too: Mary Did You Know?

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