Day 270: Rested

I threw in the towel and told people at Nike I would follow along, but I need some rest. I followed along on email and attended one more status meeting. Most of the day, I rested or did house cleaning and caregiving.

This morning started at 6ish, with me getting ready for early meetings again at 7. I read some emails and did a quick shower, and was on time for the first meeting. Susie then needed some help, so I had to break off another status meeting and do laundry and other caregiving items.

I then blocked my calendar and rested for a bit. I was tired, and a bit overwhelmed. The working from home, caregiving, housework, and getting ready for the holidays was too much. I told folks at Nike I needed a break but would follow along. I rested for a bit. They would text me if they needed me.

I then got up and cleaned and got the laundry done. I felt much better. I think I was sad that I could not keep the house up. I am much better now. Clean carpets can brighten your day.

Changing subjects for a moment, I am now reading Digging Deeper by Eric H. Cline. This little book is a primer on how archaeology is done. I loved Dr. Cline’s other books, and his lectures on YouTube are great. This book is fun as it is a very practical explanation of the practice of archaeology, including what type of trowel one uses (it different if you come from the USA or Europe) just in case you want to get one. I enjoy reading books about how things get done. It has photos and amazing footnotes (directing you to textbooks on digging sites and on the digs he describes); thirty pages of additional information! A good book to distract you and let you virtually check-off that buck-list item, dig at a site. Perfect for planes–someday.

I finished reading Ready Play Two, but I will make no comment other than I was happy with it as you, Dear Reader, might be reading it now or soon.

Returning to today, I checked email at Nike all afternoon until 3ish.

At 3:30, Holly Susie’s Occupational Therapist came and checked us out again. Again, masks were worn, and we both said we had no exposure or symptoms. Holly checked the improvements to the shower and saw we had no clothing on the floors. I had vacuumed and had the laundry under control. Susie was graduated from OT, and Holly wished us well. If we believe we need more OT, we can have our primary care doc order some more. At this time, we will focus on physical therapy, and that is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30.

I then closed the laptop for Nike and read some more.

I made angel hair pasta with a marinara sauce for dinner. The pasta is bulk, and the sauce from a can all purchased at Smart Foodservice Warehouse (formally Cash and Carry). I cut up Italian sausage from Olympia Provisions and browned the little coins in a frying pan. The sausage is spicy, making it is best to cook everything separately and assemble it in a bowl. Susie ate it, but the sausage was too hot for her, even cut up and browned. Next time I find a more conventional Italian-styled sausage.

The sauce from a can is quite good. The pasta was great. Both remind me of some food I have paid more for at a few pizza places. Hmmm.

I have been receiving calls, emails, and texts from many friends. Thanks for all the support for Susie and me.

My gaming folks have been very supportive too. We talk about games in texts and emails. It is good to be distracted and play gaming once this Covid-19 thing fades.

Canada approved a vaccine today. The USA exception meeting to approve the same vaccine is tomorrow. I asked Holly, and yes, the therapy folks are already getting notifications of preparation to get the vaccine to them.

Today the USA hit a new record for daily deaths from Covid-19, three-thousand two-hundred forty-three.

I wanted to pick a good song for today for those we lost today and for the hope that is the vaccine: A Tribute to All the Nations. This version covers much of the world.

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