Day 269: Tired Tuesday

I slept poorly for these last two days, and I have been up early at 6AM on each. I am working at home and being a caregiver. Both are really full-time jobs. I had to stop about mid-afternoon as I was too tired to go on.

I started at 6 and then rushed as there is a meeting at 7 with India. I then had a few more meetings about status and a few emergencies of the moment.

I had quiche leftover from the weekend for breakfast and served the last to Susie for breakfast.

Susie had a virtual meeting with her neurologist. There was a whole bunch of pre-steps I had to do. Pictures of her passport, pictures of our insurance card (front and back), validating prescriptions, test results, pre-existing condition, and personal information like gender are projected. This took me a bit while also reading stuff and answer questions for the shoe company.

Susie and I met the doctor on Zoom, and he was pleased with Susie’s progress, current prescriptions, and treatments. Susie asked some questions about the new prescriptions, and we went over the MRI images. Susie is showing some damage from the radiation treatments for cancer in her MRI. It was a good Zoom visit, and the doctor does not need to see Susie again. We are doing the right things.

Susie and I got into Air Volvo and drove over to Burger King for lunch. We had burgers.

I picked up a prescription refill for Susie. I restocked out toilet paper and paper towels too.

I returned to a meeting and checked in once in a while at Nike. I was exhausted and rested for a while.

I ordered dinner from Stir Crazy Kitchen for Chinese Food. It is Americanized but fresh and uses lots of veggies, so it will do. Mariah came over, and we wore masks except when eating or drinking. Covid-19 had delayed the game, so Monday Night was now Tuesday Night league, Dallas vs. Baltimore.

We had dinner and chatted about mixology a bit while watching the game. Dallas made some terrible mistakes and cost the Cowboys the game with a score difference of an eye-water twenty points.

I read more Ready Play Two. I do not like it as much as the first book, Ready Play One, but it is nice to return to the strange world for these stories.

I am tired and will leave this short and simple tonight.

The report, 2,910 deaths, for today in the USA is one of the worst days so far. Today is the worst for Oregon, with another 36 deaths today.

I picked a fav for Methodists: Charles Wesley / Mendelssohn: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

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