Day 268: Pearl Harbor Day 2020

Today 79 years ago, the war started for the USA. Pearl Harbor was attacked in the morning without a declaration of war.

My morning started at 6ish. I had a meeting at 7, so the morning was rushed. I had many meetings today to bring focus to deliverables. Status meetings will start again on Tuesday. I helped here and there but spent most of the time listening.

Susie headed to Zerida today for hair, nails, and so on. It is her normal spa day. She was picked up at 9.

Lunch this morning was Mexican from Victorico’s Mexican Food, and I made a mistake and ordered for 10AM delivery! On GrubHub, you need to specify the time before your order is placed. Otherwise, it is set to ASAP. My lunch was a bit cold but still good when I ate in 90 mins after it was delivered!

More meetings and a few crises of the moment filled the afternoon. The meetings ran late today.

Today was the virtual book signing day for Ready Play Two at 5PM. The book I am currently reading and was signed by the author and delivered to me. Today I was invited to a Zoom meeting with Ernest Cline, the author. The interviewer for Ernest Cline is the author Blake J. Harris a writer about the recent history of technology.

I learned that Ernest tries to write a story that would interest him. He believes unless you find it interesting, then the reader will not be interested. Ernest also has two Deloreans in his garage, and he believes you need to recharge with familiar things that make you happy. He loves the 1980s stuff.

Mariah was also at the virtual signing, and we were texting what we thought as the interview went on. Mariah had told me about the virtual signing, and I was happy to share the experience online and Zoom.

I made dinner while listening and made chicken Cordon Blue, fingering potatoes, and green beans with almonds and butter. I was rushed this evening as I had Dungeons and Dragons tonight at 6:30PM. I managed to get dinner ready for Susie and me. Susie was resting and had her dinner later.

I managed to get on to Roll20 in time with dinner and rally the five players tonight. Roll20 has a complete implementation of the monster-sized adventure called the Mad Mage’s Dungeon. We have been playing it for about six months and have completed only a small part of it. Today the players were lost for a bit on the tenth level of the complex and tried to find the next level down. They finally found their way but hit the main challenge, evil elves, on the level. We had an epic battle that lasted about an hour on-line and ran us over by 30 minutes today (I am late on the blog now). The evil elves were finally defeated, and the players’ characters all survived.

Today was busy. I even was putting laundry on hangers during one meeting this morning!

I read today the first-hand account of the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941, from the man who leads the air attack, Captain Mitsuo Fuchida. It is important to remember what happened. The account, from 1952, was re-released by the US Naval Institute today.

Today the reports are that more than 1,530 people in the USA died from the virus.

It is Well With My Soul, just seemed to work today.

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