Day 277: Recovery Wednesday

Susie had Mohs surgery yesterday, so today was a recovery day. Last night I was up with her until 1ish to help with her pain. Susie, as you can imagine, slept poorly.

I slept in until Susie was up a bit, and then she went to bed again. I started about 9ish. I was tired too. I went slow and watched the next episode of The Expanse. I am now caught up on this mix of SciFi and Horror that provides excellent storytelling and never holds back. The show will kill-off anyone and has. Unlike some of the older SciFi where you know that the character will return, you are unsure on this show. Again, I recommend it.

Today, I finished painting the dwarf faction of the board game Heroes of Land, Earth, and Sea. I did the oil painting this morning to just shade and made a few corrections on one figure. I have to let the oil paints dry all day. I put the final coat of Mr. Super Clean UV Protection Flat spray paint to lock in the oil paints (oil paint can rub off) this evening. I use a dark, Spaceship Filth named oil paint to fill in the dark cuts into the figure to bring back the 3-D look.

With and without oil shading (still wet at this time)

I try to keep the figure bright with just the shadows now filled in. Hair gets a bit darker, whites turn gray if you are not careful, but reds and light creams get brighter by the contrast, and browns become more complex.

I then put all the figures back in the original tray. I will try to find time to play the solo version of the game this weekend; I can get some pictures of the figures painted on the colorful boards.

The elf painting will be later. The dwarves are all pack away, ready for use.

Susie got going about noon. She is still exhausted. I got her coffee, water, and breakfast. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Clare, the physical therapist, was at 2:30ish and ran Susie through some exercises. Susie was having trouble standing straight and moving as well as before. Clare saw how tired both of us are. It was still good to run through everything. Clare will be back on Friday morning for our second day this week.

Susie then watched “Scrooge” on DVD and sang along a bit. Actually, we all sang along a bit as we all know the words, even Corwin. I made dinner a bit early tonight as Susie had a lightish lunch. Spaghetti (angel hair) and meatballs. The meatballs from the meat counter at Safeway. The sauce was from a can from the restaurant supply store, and I believe I have tasted it often at many local pizza places (“Would you like some marinara sauce with that?”). It is quite good, and it is effortless to prepare (open can, heat).

Then “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” was next. The classic one with Boris Karloff as narrator. These shows make Susie feel more like Christmas and put a smile on her face. I like them too.

Returning to my painting, I always am happy to finish one of my projects. Having the painting done allows me to move to other projects. But, those are for another day. I return to working from home tomorrow for my manic Thursdays.

Today is the highest reported death rate for Covid-19 for the USA: 3,486. This excludes the 48 people who are reported to have died in Oregon from the virus.

I picked a fav that I have sung in Israel. Every day that I was on tour back in 1994, we sang this song to get going for our next day of seeing sights and sites on the bus: This Is The Day.

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