Day 278: Back to Working from Home

Just a short blog today. I have dishes and laundry to do yet.

I finished the night watching the NFL game. The Chargers beat the Raiders in overtime. The Raiders kept getting flags for interfering with the receiver. Both quarterbacks were from Oregon.

Before this, Mariah came over, we wear masks, and we had Wild Buffalo Wings delivered. So we were munching on wings and veggies watching football. I also opened a bottle from Purple Cow Vinyard to go with it.

Mariah is working on publishing a zine and comics. I gave her the vintage comic books I found in Portland this week. The comics cover fifty years and both DC and Marvel heroes. Mariah can use them for inspiration.

Running backward in time, Susie was not feeling well. She is tired and uncomfortable. I had to take off the pressure bandages today and also help her get a shower. It was a crazy morning, and the afternoon was messy too. Susie went to bed early.

Work was busy as I try to find my way again. Nothing really to share. It is hard to stay focused on the shoe company when your wife is ill and having some troubles. I tried to make it work.

I ordered a Banzai Burger from Red Robin for Susie and fish and chips for me. Susie managed to eat half of her burger. She finished it later during the game. She likes it cold.

An aside, I received replacement cards in the mail for my copy of Twilight Imperium 4; the rules for the game were changed and you need to replace some of the cards referred to now as Omega Technology–the game maker does not supply replacements. You print out a copy. I found an article on the Board Game Geek website on how to design and order high-quality new cards that resembled the originals in color and size to incorporate nicely in your own copy of the game. My sample came today and they look great. I ordered the full set with a few spare copies for friends. It is really interesting and fun to create your own cards!

8 cards with different colored designs and the same back. Done twice. The Omega Technology cards.

I do not have much more as most of the day was laundry and cleaning, and caregiving. I managed to attend some meetings at Nike and help a bit.

The count of deaths today in the USA is 3,277 from the virus.

Today I went with Great is Thy Faithfulness as I found this great recording.

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