Day 279: Susie’s Busy Day

I started on Friday, wondering why there was music playing so early. Susie was up about 3:20ish, I went back to sleep once she was back in bed, and I thought it was only moments ago, and then I thought it can’t still be a workday. As you can guess, it was my alarm at 6ish to start Friday, it was the last working Friday of 2020, and I had a 7AM status meeting. I sat for a full minute on the edge of the bed wondering how this had happened.

Once I started, I got all the laptops running, read some emails, and tried not to be completely lost. I was on paid-time-off two days this week, and it is always hard to follow what is happening when there are hundreds and hundreds of emails to read. I managed to take my meds, get the coffee started, and then into the shower to be ready for 7.

I managed to be on time for the 7, completely dressed with a coffee, banana, and a bagel with cream cheese. Susie had Clare for physical Therapy at 10AM. I was balancing status meetings and reading and relying on various emails. I also got Susie going with coffee and the last of the cornbread muffins I made a few days ago.

Knowledge transfer sessions were my finish for the morning. Helping production support be ready for our new systems. Clare came, I closed the Nike laptop, and we switched to masks and working on Susie’s physical therapy instead of Nike stuff. Clare gave Susie new exercises to strengthen her abdomen muscles. This may help Susie stand straighter and also improve her balance. Susie was less tired this morning.

I had one more meeting before the next medical adventure, which ended my working part of Friday, eye check for Susie. Susie had some bleeding a few months ago into an eye. The problem resolved itself, but Susie is now checked by the optometrist every six-months.

We traveled to St. Vincent Hospital doctor wing. I was happy to see the vaccination clinic running there. The Covid-19 vaccine is here and being used!

But that does not mean I can be in the waiting room. I sat in the hall while Susie had her appointment.

Me, sitting in a chair waiting in the hall.

When we were done, no change and that is good news, we drove back. I stopped by McDonald’s and got Susie her fav, McNuggets, and for me two cheeseburgers. I ate mine in the parking lot. I then drove, Susie was still eating her’s, to get gas for Air Volvo. We also bought a car wash. Air Volvo had been the target of crows for days. It was disgusting—all clean-up now (Crows will likely enjoy the refreshed target).

As it was still a bit early, we watched the animated movie Frozen on Disney+ for the first time. Yes, we are likely the last Disney fans to see Frozen. We really liked it. We will be catching up with the other Frozen films during the holidays.

Returning to projects, I put away the paints, brushes, and other tools for figure painting. I plan to move on to other projects for the rest of the year. I have some writing to finished editing, and I want to play some chess. I put my chess computer back on my table. Time to play again.

Also, I received an email from the manufacture of my chess computer that they have an update. I loaded the update software into the chess computer using a Windows computer (it does not work on the Big Sur version of Mac OS). After the update, after learning the new interface (!?), I then played a game using the new “Normal” setting. I managed to crush the opening and then, using hints here and there, managed to get the computer to resign. This is a new feature and a welcome one–the computer should give up instead of making you play a hopeless game. I have many new expert modes and setting to try. I suspect I will be the one resigning soon!

Defeated black on my chess computer. Lasker Edition.

I plan on writing and coding some chess code soon.

Today 2,794 deaths were reported for Covid-19 in the USA.

I found this version a week ago and it seems to fit tonight: O come, O come, Emmanuel.

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