Day 288: Boxing Day 2020

Today started slow and remained there. I was up at 8ish and was going slow all morning. I use to play Dungeons and Dragons on Boxing Day or meet some folks at a movie or bar and just hangout. There was usually some blockbuster movie to watch. This morning I started working on my Python programs and making room for the possible board game with Evan tonight. I was sort of without direction this morning.

Then, Dan Gray called, and I was told the Gay Pride flag on the church was gone. I got dressed, collected my new flag, a flag pole (my used one from my house), and headed to First United Methodist Church by Air Volvo. “I was on a mission from God!” At least that is the line I remember from the Blues Brothers movie. I put on my hat and sunglasses while I drove Air Volvo.

Getting to the scene of the disappearance, I found no damage and no hint of what happened to the previous flag. The screw that holds in the flag was still in place. I had to move the screw out to put in my old used flag poll. I got out the new flag, commercial-grade and made of sewn different colored nylon stips, not flammable, and clipped it in place to the pole.  I put it in the undamaged flag holder and used plyers to tighten the screw so the pole will resist the wind.

The flag usually disappears around Christmas and Easter and when folks are on vacation. I believe some people find it provocative to have a Gay Pride Flag on a church in the heart of Beaverton. I am always surprised when someone believes they can just take it, but I have decided that God needed them to have it. I just buy more. I have two more flags on the way, commercial-grade, and two more poles.

After I replaced the flag, I stopped by Einstien’s Bagels in Beaverton and picked up my order. I had sat in the car in the church parking lot and used their app to put in an order. I paid for it on my phone.

I felt a bit sad when I stepped inside of Einstien’s Bagels in Beaverton. I had not been there since last year. I am used to it being a loud, busy place. Now, the tables and chairs are stacked together–there is no seating. While friendly, the crew is very young–not the older folks I remember, there is no barista, the counter is empty—no piles of bagels, and no long line of rushed but friendly customers. It is quiet now. There is a feeling of desperation in the air–the last try to keep going and outlast the disaster of Covid-19.

I drove home with my bagels, having completed my mission. I had my Nova Lox bagel and headed out again. I stopped by Ace Hardware to get some new power socket replacements that include USB. Time to modern-up our plugs in a few places. Susie was up when I got home; not the time to be killing the power! I will install them on Sunday morning before anyone notices!

Susie had 1/2 of a danish and a cheese potato cake that Einstein’s Bagels added to my order.

Evan texted me that he would be free, and he came over for a board game. We played two games of Architects of the West Kingdom, including the Artisan Add-on. This is a newer style game and one we play often. It is an efficiency game of resources management and worker placement. It also allows your fellow players to suddenly grab all your workers and have you ransom them back. So there is some interaction. We tied with Evan and me, both winning a game.

The Smith family delivered a present for Susie, a warm Disney blanket. I sent them with my “care package” of strange things I found for 2020 for folks.

Evan, Susie, and I then watched the Blazer game. I am not usually a fan, but Evan is, and Portland Trailblazers often play well, so why not? It was a close game with the Houston Rockets not able to tie the game again in overtime in the last seconds.

One thousand four-hundred eight people in the USA died from Covid-19 today, Boxing Day 2020.

I found our own George Fox University, Joy to the World version.


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