Day 289: Sunday GoLive

After about four years, a computer system for master data went live today at Nike. I have been working with the team for about three years. There were no issues. I am so happy.

I have been up early on Sunday and watching the email and notices on Nike all day. This makes it a rather uninteresting day as nothing bad happened. Which also makes it a good day and a short narrative.

Susie was ill this morning, and I had to help her a bit this morning, and she stayed in bed until about five or so. She was tired. I did open the blinds a bit so that she was resting in the lovely bright sun we got today–not usual for us in winter!

I had a cold roast beef sandwich today for lunch and a bagel from yesterday for breakfast.

I made bread from scratch today. I don’t do this very often. I cheat and let the hook on the mixer do all the kneading work. We will likely run out of store-bought bread, and I have all this flour and yeast. Hmmm. I need to figure out how to get the bread to stay taller, but they are not bad loaves.

I have watched now most of the Doctor Who specials from the past years. Getting ready for the New Year’s special this coming first day of 2021. I also love the new Aladdin with Will Smith and watched that on Disney+. I like that dance routine at the very end–some of the actors that played the heavy character get to bust-a-move. They are quite good, and it looks like they really enjoyed the chance to take the spotlight dancing for a moment.

I made dinner from left-over ham and various odds-and-ends. I have orecchiette pasta and alfredo sauce from a jar in the pantry. I fried the ham in a pan, and I added some green beans, first cooked from frozen in a microwave packet, and poured that into the cooked pasta mixed with the alfredo sauce. I added more pepper and some smoked paprika to that. Susie liked it, and Corwin said it was good. Orecchiette is my fav pasta.

We then had a Facetime call with the Smiths plus Jason Tasha’s husband-to-be. They are on the Oregon coast at their beach house, and they opened all the strange unwrapped presents remotely while I supplied explanations. The solar-powered origami camping light (it unfolds) was a hit. The 80s band DEVO produced special PPE using the band’s famous headwear, and that looked fetching on Tasha and Jason–I ordered it early in the Covid-19 emergency when they sold it was their website! I also included a kit to make fortune cookies–we need to make better fortunes for the next year! It was great to see the Smiths plus Jason.

Laundry and dishes were done and need to be done again.

Back to work tomorrow for two days, and then Nike closes until the first Monday in 2021.

1,215 people died from the virus today in the USA.

Today’s song is God Be with You till We Meet Again in Russian.

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