Day 290: Short and Easy Monday

I was up at 6ish to start this abbreviated workweek at Nike. This week, we are only working Monday and Tuesday with Nike granting a day-before holiday this year, The Day Before New Years’ Eve official USA holiday. All but two meetings today were canceled. I have one so far on Tuesday.

I was happy to see that no panics are going on for our new systems and for yearend. I usually take this week off, but we have a new system starting today, so I worked the week and am on call 7/24 or in Nike-speak 8/24 (includes holidays and Sundays). I do not expect any real issues as this is a well tested and put together computer system.

I just had a few status meetings, reading emails, and listening today.

I did kill the power and replace one power plug in the wall this morning between meetings. I wanted to get it done and the Internet restored before Susie returned, or Corwin was up. I have new ones to install that have USB power plugs too. The receptacle in the living room was original to the house, from the 1970s, and slightly damaged from use.

I have replaced almost all the switches and plugs in the house; I like to update them for looks and be safer. All the switches that were in any heavy use had to be replaced–they all broke over the last twenty-four years in the house.

Susie had her normal spa day with Zerida, and she was going by 8ish and out with her driver by 9ish.

I had lunch from a new Mexican place; I wanted to try something new today, Don Chilitos Mexican Grill. The food was delivered on-time and mostly hot. The food was delicious, chile Relleno and pork enchilada.

I had a few more status meetings, and that was all. I was tempted by my new Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard (the Raspberry Pi computer is built into the keyboard, cool!) delivered today, but I will play with that during the holidays.

I took a short nap. I was tired this morning. I also got back to my Howard in Amsterdam story. It is set in 2019 and I wrote in January 2020. I would like to finish it up before I am in 2021. I am just editing. They story part is done.

I got up and made dinner. I got out the frozen flat-iron steaks I buy from Smart Foodservice (formally called Cash & Carry) and defrost them with running water. I sliced the bread I made into strips and washed them with butter and garlic; garlic bread to go with the steak—a can of peaches as fruit to share. I lit the gas grill, with no surprises, and grilled the steaks. Susie enjoyed dinner.

We watched the old Fantasia on Disney+ during dinner.

1,966 people died today in the USA from Covid-19.

I picked Abide with Me as the song for today.

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