Day 291: Sleepy Tuesday

Susie had some issues that required some caregiving at 4ish this morning. The morning 6ish seemed to come too soon. I managed to get started, but Susie was in some pain, so I re-bandaged her wound in her back from Mohs surgery and got her an ice pack to stop the pain.

I made coffee, drank almost a whole pot, and had a bagel and banana for breakfast.

Today was the last normal working day for 2020 for Nike. Nike closes this year for The Day Before New Year’s Eve as an official USA holiday. I managed to keep up for a bit, but Susie got going about 11:30, and I had to make her breakfast. I sent a note that I would stop early today to some folks and then just followed by email.

I made a taco salad for lunch and scrambled eggs with cheese for Susie later in the afternoon. This is one of her favs.

I then slipped out for a few minutes. Susie was too tired and went to rest. I picked up milk, eggs, and many basics. I have a new recipe for cinnamon rolls. It uses a new technique I have never done before, tangzhong. This is a Japanese baking trick that has you cook some flour in milk to a paste and then add the baking ingredients to the tangzhong. This helps the bread rise and be pillowy.

I made the tangzhong by cooking two teaspoons of bread flout in whole milk. When it was a paste, I put it in the mixing bowl, added cold milk, and followed with the rest of the dough’s ingredients. I let the dough hook do all the hard work. The dough was left to rise in a large bowl for about 90 mins. I then made the dough into the rolls. I used dental floss to cut the rolls (that is the suggestion in the recipe).

They turned out perfect and very light. Usually, the rolls are tough and chewy. These are soft.

I used Vietnamese Cinnamon that I got last year. It is sharper, and less is better. I used only two tablespoons in the filling.

I finished the editing for one of my Howard stories. Howard in Amsterdam is done. I might extend it and Howard’s Lockdown before editing some of the earlier works.

I put on a movie and fell asleep watching it. I will likely do the dishes and crash.

Corwin made mac and cheese with chili. Susie ate that for dinner. I made a chef’s salad with some leftover ham and salami and cheese. I made croutons by toasting some of the bread I made.

I am glad that tomorrow is a break.

3,398 people in the USA are reported to have died from the virus today. It is one of the worst days.

I turned to hymn 512 in the Methodist Hymnal, Stand By Me. This is Elvis’s version.




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