Day 292: Wednesday Eve of Eve

I managed to sleep into 9ish this morning. I could do some editing this morning to my Howard stories fixing up all the detected faults and a few I saw. Breakfast was a cinnamon roll I made yesterday. I frost them before they are served. Susie had one later when she got going about 10:30ish. Susie had physical therapy today, so we needed to be ready by noon.

Susie ran through the exercises with Clare, our PT. Clare had her Covid-19 vaccine shot a few days ago. She had a fever, and her arm that received the jab was so painful she could not lift it yesterday. This went away the next day. She checked her temperature before entering the house. As she was symptom-free, we decided it was OK for her to visit. She, like many PT folks, is tested for Covid-19 all the time. Her test was negative today.

The chances for a repeat of this on her second dose, in 20+ days, is unfortunately 84%. These are not considered serious side-effects.

I have a new IR Thermometer from Amazon; it is a no-touch measurement. I can now check folks that visit. We have only a few visitors, but as the vaccine changes this, we should still check that folks do not have a fever.

I know how to use it too (I read the directions)

We had Happy Panda lunch today delivered by DoorDash. I had orange chicken (not spicy), and Susie had chicken with cashews. I had it delivered just after Clare left. Susie took a nap after lunch and her PT workout.

I completed the editing for two Howard stories, which meant I could add to the last story and epilogue for Howard’s Lockdown. I am a very disciplined writer and want the editing done on previous writing before starting more writing. The stories are more than 7,000 words and so the editing ain’t easy.

I am reading a new book, a physical book Michelle Smith and family gave me for Christmas: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I am delighted with the book by V.E. Schwab. “But ideas are so much wilder than memories, so much faster to take root” is just one quote in this modernish fairy tale. I did not like some of her other books, but I could not put them down. I think it was her willingness to kill-off likely characters that made me less receptive to her other books. I like this one. It is recommended.

I dragged out the Instant Pot and made Tagine spiced Moroccan Lemon Chicken. I cut up some 1/2 onion, throw in some olives, two tablespoons or so of Zamouri Tagine Chicken Spices, two cups of water, and frozen skinless and boneless chicken thighs. Set the Instant Pot to poultry for 14 and press go. I made rice, correctly this time, in a pot on the stove. Thirty minutes and we have dinner.

I have so many books and magazines to read! The “Dreadnoughts” Strategy & Tactics Quarterly came in the mail today. I received my copy of 2600 The Hacker Magazine came in yesterday. I have still not finished Brook’s amazingly insanely footnoted book on the 1916 Battle of Jutland (the same battle is also covered in Dreadnoughts). I had my John McKay drawing of the 1637 Sovereign of the Seas show this week too. It has pictures of almost every bolt in the warship. It is the first reconstruction to this level. I have a second book by John McKay on the way too.

I will be reading and writing these four days.

3,880 people died of Covid-19 today in the USA. The worst day so far in the USA and the worst day for the world too.

Today, I found a communion song by just opening the hymnal, Methodist Hymnal #640, which I have not heard before and liked: Take Our Bread.



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