Day 293: Finish 2020

Today started at 9ish, and me going slow as I had no plans for the day. I have a bottle of cheap California sparkling wine and hope to stay awake to open it and toast in 2021.

I was surprised to get some last-minute items in 2020. My coin sets from Canada for 2020 were delivered today, yes the last minute. I have one set next to my 1999 and 2000 coin sets, and the other is a gift. This is to remember the year many of us thought about moving to Canada.

I started the morning by not shaving. I want to shave off extra 2020 tomorrow!

I also received the printed cards I made for the massive game Twilight Imperium 4. The new cards were presented in new rules but not supplied in any add-on. I learned how to make cards from instructions online using the MPC, Make Playing Cards, website. I made four copies, one for me and a local gamer and two to give to others who need to update their copy of TW4. The new cards replace some existing cards in the game, rule changes and content updates, and are new cards for new content and some special scenarios. It is exciting to learn how to make replacement gaming cards.

I continued to edit and write today. I finished editing a third Howard story. This is Howard’s Christmas I wrote in 2016 and is the second long Howard story I wrote. I have started editing the first long story, Howard 2016, about Howard’s Amsterdam and Istanbul experiences. I wrote the first story when I could not sleep on the plane back from my own trip to Amsterdam and Istanbul in 2015. I was there for some terrorist attacks, and it was the first time I used my Situational Awareness training from Nike to be safe. I was having trouble relaxing on a USA flight from Europe. I wrote the story to distract myself. I should have it up to snuff tomorrow. I do not know if I will publish them, but I would like them ready to be read.

Susie was up late this morning and then again this afternoon, and her wound in her back had an issue. Like her mother, she is allergic to certain tapes and medical products that use the same adhesive. Susie had blisters everywhere she came in contact with the bandage I put on yesterday. I cleaned up the blisters and replaced everything with a simple dressing. Susie took some Benedryl and aspirin to get the rash and swelling back under control. She is better now. She is not getting a break this time!

Dinner was a baked potato with the works and our usual frozen from a box Chicken Cordon Blu. Comfort food if you like. We had some canned pineapple as a dessert.

I also made bread today. I baked the bread in pans this time, and it is a bit better. I have ordered more flour and sourdough stuff from King Arthur Flour, so I continue this adventure. The bread is good, but I want huge bubbles. I am making good sandwich bread, I want so much more.

I was thinking about writing some musing on our shared experience of 2020. F**K that! I just want the year gone. I can hear all the fireworks, most illegal, going off tonight—good riddance to 2020. If 2020 was a song.

3,438 people on this last day of 2020 are reported to have passed away from Covid-19 in the USA.

And I picked on Eagle’s Wings to fly to 2021. I picked Michael Crawford’s version (Phantom of the Opera) as he can sing well in the minor key.

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