Day 294: New 2021

I stayed up to see the ball come down last night and have a glass of champagne with Susie. I used the same glasses from our wedding back in 1990. It was strange to see CNN coverage with their anchors a bit drunk and unsure of what to do. It is good to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror.

I started 2021 by sleeping into 8:30ish. Susie was up a few times this morning, so I decided just to get up. I made coffee, read email, and just relaxed for the morning.

Susie needed her bandages changed. It is looking better, and the reaction to the tape products is mostly gone. It is still not healed.

I continued to edit more Howard stories. I am working on the Christmas story from 2016 still. I hope to finish it tomorrow and start on the first long story I wrote. Again, I am not sure what to do with the stories, maybe publish them, but I want them more polished.

I went out and got lunch—a whopper with cheese for me and a chicken McNugget Happy Meal for Susie. Susie was too tired to eat it until later.

I set-up Raiders of Scythia board game today. I set the game for two players. I am playing it against myself. I am still trying to learn the rules and how to play the game better. The rulebook and examples online are good, but the game has many different cards to play, and not every case is covered. I have finally understood the Town Centre’s actions after playing the practice game wrong for four turns.

Raiders of Scythia is from a fav game making company, Garphill Games, and I have some another of their excellent games, Architect of the Western Kingdom, and it took a while to learn that game. This new game is a rework of their well know Viking raiding games. I thought this game’s art was better than the Viking games’ cartoonish art, so I bought this one. I do not usually pick games by art, but it is lovely, and Scythians have always been interesting to me—the bad-guys of history and possible slayer of the biblical Cyrus the Great.

Mariah called, and we meet outdoors at McMenamins Cedar Hills location. We had hot buttered rum (just above lukewarm when we finally got it–they seemed a bit disorganized) and then some locally made beer to welcome in 2021 with a snack. Susie stayed home; lockdown required us to sit outside in the rain under a partial roof and a propane heater next to us–not something Susie would enjoy. We got the last two-person dry table.  We talked about writing and travel.

I returned and watched RATATOUILLE: THE TIKTOK MUSICAL. A reworking of the Disney animated movie. They did Ratatouille loosely based on the movie as a staged set of shorts and compiled group singing. While not all of it was great, it was short (less than an hour), and some of the singing and acting was great. I bought a ticket that is going to support the Actor’s Guild.

I made light snacks for Susie. She ate her Chicken McNugget Happy Meal late. I had fries and a salad with Mariah.

I watched the Doctor Who New Year’s special today. We have not seen the Doctor for a while. The show was fun, and I liked it–Daleks everywhere. The camera work was different, likely the impact of Covid-19, but still a familiar feel.

2,129 people in the USA today died from Covid-19.

I went, for 2021, America again for our song.

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