Day 295: First Saturday in 2021

I was up a bit late this morning, 9:30ish. I did the dishes and cleaned-up last night and did not get to bed until 1ish. I like the sink to be empty when I start my morning.

So the sink was empty, and I made coffee and started, not even dressed yet, to write Python code.

Yes, a cup of coffee, toast, and a banana while coding a bit of Python. My friend Dan Gray asked me to take the code he sent me to convert temperatures, an entry-level exercise I often see as an example and make it more interesting. I used my standard headers and practices and then rework the code. I produce a version 0.0.1 and then send a 0.0.2 after thinking about it some more. I made it the program do Kelvin too. It was fun to do the basic coding again. I find it always fun to code in the morning.

I then cleaned a toilet and vacuumed some of the carpet. Susie has a physical therapy appointment, and I can’t have the house looking well-used when we have guests. I got the laundry started and the dishwasher going too. This warms up the house a bit.

Susie was ready when Clare from PT got here. I had to leave as I have a hair cut today. I was there to ensure we scheduled Susie’s new PT days for next week. We all prefer two days a week for Susie. I made sure Susie had water, coffee, and toast with jam when I left.

My haircut was with Zerida, and she follows all those procedures to keep us all safe.

I drove back without stopping. I texted with Evan, and he came over later to play a few board games.

Dinner was not fav but easy. I got the large pack from Taco Bell–making another quick trip. The food was not that great. Too salty this time. I am afraid that Taco Bell went off the list for dinner.

Evan and I played a crazy board game that I had not even punched and put together. Evan got to help assemble castles, towers, flying machines, and boats for Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea. I have painted many of the figures, 60+, but had never played my copy. I decided that today, 2021 January, would be time to try out a two-person game using my copy. It took a while to start. Evan was learning the game, and I was trying to remember how to play. Heroes of Air, and, and Sea is a 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, & eXterminate) game and requires you to crush your fellow players while building your empire. Evan made a few mistakes as he was learning the game, the same mistakes I made when the game was first introduced to me, and we ended without scoring–it was a learning game. I am sure he is ready to crush me in the next game. If you play 4x, it is crush or be crushed.

Again, I wanted to play something fun for 2021 that I have not played for a while. The Star Trek Panic game is one of the best visual board games, I think. You do missions on the Enterprise from the 1960s version of the TV show, and the ship is overlayed with explosions and destruction. It looks so right, and the mechanics feel a bit like you are in the original 1960s series. No game for me is as immersive and also unthreatening. There are some other timed immersive games, but I won’t play timed games. Sorry, they feel like work to me and not a game. This game is cooperative and still feels rushing without the timer. Players work together, but your turn is when you get to drive, literally. Again, Evan had never played this before, so we played the introduction version, and then we played a few more missions after resetting and playing new characters. I played Scotty in the first try and then Jame T. Kirk for the next play. I think Evan liked this one too. It is simple, but there is a strategy and planning to make it work–that is not to destroy the Enterprise with you in it!

We are down a few shields, and I added some damage to show the visuals.


We had some wine for the last game, and the Taco Bell pack was finished off.

2,107 folks are reported to have died today of Covid-19 in the USA.

I turned to There Is a Balm in Gilead in the Methodist Hymnal today, # 375.


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