Day 296: Quiet Sunday

Working backward today, I am just starting my taxes today and collecting my stock trades and interest statements. I logged onto TurboTax earlier today and started my taxes and stopped and saved at the personal information was set. As I told Dondrea today, the federal and states are addicted to my money like a drug. I have to work hard to not have them harvest too much. Even as a tax-loving democrat liberal, I only like to supply what I should. I do not give the government extra; it is just not good for the government to get extra of my money. I have had to be very careful after the Trump tax cut as the so-called cuts increased my taxes by 20% percent. Trump paid for the tax cuts by forcing the standard deduction on upper-middle-class and just above. I now have to be careful that all the paperwork is perfect and still not get any credit for giving, taxes paid, or interests paid. It is a lot of work to pay 20% more.

Susie went to bed early today. I replaced her bandage on her back. It is still healing and looks better. It still bothers her a bit.

I ordered out for Chinese style food from our local Stir Crazy Kitchen delivered. I did not want to cook tonight. The food is just OK; I have much better in Portland with my friend Will when he picks the place. I miss my gamer friends and having dinner or lunch with them once and a while in Portland.

Returning to dinner, I ordered Moo Shu Pork as I wanted to put together the little rolls with plum sauce. I had not done that in so long. Something different for this order.

I turned on Mulan on Disney+, the new version. The food was not planned to go with the show–at least not intentionally. Susie was shocked to see me on the floor after putting the show on pauce after making a second Moo Shu pancake. I had set my plate on the chair arm, and unlike Mulan on the TV, I was clumsy. I hit the plate with my arm when I sat down and spun the plate in the air, and it landed on the floor, now empty. Susie was watching Mulan and did not see my total fail. Susie watched me pick all the food out of the carpet, yes carpet, and then vacuum all that remains. I then made a new plate, started the show, and tried not to think about it.

Mulan was a different story in details from the animated one. It had evil women witch that did not work for me. The rest of the story and action did work. I would say it was average.

Before I ordered dinner, I had to pick up the prescriptions and some supplies for Susie. RiteAid was surrounded by police SUVs, not the usual escort for me. There also were two police cars by the trash for Safeway. It appears some local drama was in progress. I went in anyway. There were no flashing lights, which usually means it is safe. I asked the store clerk if it was OK to come in. She was emphatic that it was safe, now. I did not raise an eyebrow but smiled and went in. I picked up the stuff and, seeing lots of police, thanked them. I was balancing my good, and the cops offered to help. They also liked my hat. I demurred.

I learned that there was some small theft, a local drama.

Before all of this, I made soup from a can with some homemade bread for lunch. I had some canned peaches to go with it. Susie had toast from the same homemade bread with jam, a banana, and the rest of the canned peaches for breakfast-lunch.

I started a bit late, 930ish; Susie was up three times last night. I had about four hours of sleep.

I edited some Howard stories on and off all day. I have moved to the first long stories I wrote.

1,387 people died today from the virus in the USA. The infection chart shows an increasing infection rate again.

I went with Morning has Broken today as it is a fav of ours. It was even a song at our wedding. I found a good new version.

3 thoughts on “Day 296: Quiet Sunday”

  1. I would suggest Taste of Sichuan in Beaverton for Chinese food. Huge portions, but somewhat greasy. Or Din Tai Fung in Washington Square Mall. Somewhat pricey, but quite good.


      1. It’s been a challenging year. We still need to be careful and safe.

        At Taste of Sichuan, get the Cashew Chicken and fried rice. Both quite good. And their Moo Shu items.

        For Din Tai Fung, most everything is good, but the dumplings do NOT keep well for take out.


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