Day 297: First working Monday 2021

Monday, as usual, got here too soon. An hour or two of more sleep would have been nice. I was online last night, setting up the days off for Susie’s next Mohs surgery. We are ready for Wednesday’s surgery.

I managed to start at 6:15ish. My 7AM meetings had been canceled, so I slept in 15 minutes. As it was a holiday weekend, there was not much email and meetings to handle this morning.

Susie had a 10ish appointment with Zerida today for hair, nails, toes, and so on. Her driver picked her up. She was ready and gone on time today.

I had a few crises of the moment at work, but I could get most items done. One did lag, and I sent a reply this evening, late.

Lunch was from Gyro House, lamb gyro. Susie picked up a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal on her way home from Zerida’s.

My new Kickstarter game arrived today: A War of Whispers. The game is a special edition and includes updates (the Dark Agents expansion) to the original version; I have waited a year to get my copy. It is only an hour-long playing and two to four player game. In this game, five empires are fighting for control in a Games of Thrones like setting–the map is a close match to Games of Thrones. Instead of directly controlling these empires like a standard board game (there is already a Game of Thrones board game that provides this), this game has you represent a secret faction trying to support some of the empires and try to stop others. You can even change alliances, but this does give away your plans to an extend.

At the start of a game of A War of Whispers, the players’ alignment with the five empires is random and secret. You then try to select actions to support or undermine the empires while trying to not give away everything you are trying to pull off. There are only four rounds of actions, and then each player is only measured on how well, or not, that their selected empires did at the end. A game built on your decisions that include trying to hide your plans while trying to thwart the other players; I am looking forward to trying this one out.

I also received a copy of the Decision Games’ Folio Game: River Plate & Denmark Strait. I have been searching for a rules-light battleship game that can be used with miniatures. I want to cover WW1 and just a bit of WW2. I have 2400 1/2 inch Bismark and Hood that I want to use someday. I just have not found a rules system that is simple enough and expandable. I think these might work. The scale is wrong (1/2 inch a nautical mile, instead of 1 inch a nautical mile), but that is easy to fix with a ruler and a turning wheel. I am excited to finally find eight pages of rules that are easy to use. More to come.

I finished today the book The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. It is a great book, and the ending, I was worried it would end strange, was well put together and made me cry, perfect. I recommend it to my SciFi reading friends, and it hints at horror, so it fits there too. V.E. Schwab, the author, has written some series that I did not like as much, but I could not put them down.  This book is the best book I have read in a while. Please enjoy!

I am running around a lot tonight getting dinner for folks. It is a bit chaotic here.

We played Roll20 Dungeons and Dragons for about two hours today; I ran the adventure as the Dungeon Master. Our adventurers managed to cut their way through the evil elves (Drow to you who know D&D) to the Mad Mage’s Dungeon’s next level. They at once point chased down an evil Drow priestess and thought they had brought her to a quick end. Her pleas to her goddess, the Spider-Queen, were heard; she made them in the Spider-Queen own temple. Shadows in the temple came to life, as did the dead priestess’s own shadow, and fought the adventures as revenge. Luckily the brave adventures were not taken by surprise, and the adventures survived the backlash. We will continue the adventure next Monday. The adventurers offered the next Drow a chance to let them pass and received a “pass” to enter the evil elves’ areas without attack. Or so they were told, we will see what happens next week!

I had KFC delivered for dinner. The gravy is even worse–how? The chicken was fresh, a bit salty, but tasty.

1,987 people in the USA died from the virus today.

I turned right to Go Down, Moses and I opened the Methodist Hymnal, #448.


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