Day 299: Surgery Susie

Susie had surgery to remove some pre-cancerous and cancerous skin cells today. We slept in just a bit and then headed to Portland to make the 10:30 appointment. We know the routine, and I sat in the car while Susie had the procedures. They called me when she was done.

We then stopped by McDonald’s to get Susie’s fav of a Chicken McNugget in Portland. I had two cheeseburger meal. We then headed home.

Susie then rested. Blood leaked from the wounds. We did not know that the doctors did not dress the wounds. Blood everywhere. Not what we expected. I had to dress the wounds and clean up the blood.

That done, Susie rested, and I checked in every hour. I did not notice that the ankle was bleeding too. Soon a pool would look good in a horror movie. I then dressed that wound too and cleaned, the floor, carpet, bedding, and clothing.

I made Susie a late dinner of chicken soup. I am doing laundry and ready to replace bandages.

It is a tough day. I will stop here as I have to recheck bandages.

Michael R Wild

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