Day 300: Caregiving days and nights

Today started to get better in the afternoon. The dressing on Susie’s wounds from her skin cancer surgery was no longer bleeding beyond the ability of my dressing to keep it controlled. The simple bandages from the doctor’s office did not contain the blood. Previously, all the dressings took care of this. We were surprised to have to deal with a lot of blood.

I made some trips to RiteAid and purchased more of my go-to for this stuff: Nexcare’s Tegaderm. I often put a pad under the tape-like product. This stuff does not work on burns or infections; that takes you back to old school dressing if you need to do that. For these new dressings, you need all sorts of sizes for this work. I was low on some sizes. Now I back to being ready.

Today, I changed all of Susie’s dressings except one pressure bandage from the doctor’s office. It appears to be working. I also have to use the tape from Nexcare. Susie will get blisters from regular tape or bandages.

Last night, I stayed up and watched and checked in on Susie every hour and replaced dressings and cleaned up any bleeding. I managed to remember some EMT training from college. I took those classes as electives for my degree so many years ago. Years ago, Susie joked it was part of our wedding planning.

I watched the electrical college count between checking on Susie and was very happy to see it completed. I am heartbroken to hear that one of the injured Capital Police passed away. When I lived in the Washington DC area, I loved to visit the Capitol Building. We even did the Capitol Fourth live on the grass there with my parents years ago. I know the US Capitol Building very well, and I am very angry with the hoodlums that smashed their way into and trashed our Capitol Building. I truly love the smiling Capitol Police, who seemed to enjoy their job of watching confused and overwhelmed tourists. The rotunda is awesome. I am not looking for revenge, well, not too much, but I expect the hoodlums to soon understand our criminal justice systems from the inside. Our justice system can be a bit brutal, and taking selfies while committing a serious crime would be recommended by no defense lawyer.

Returning to today’s story, lunch was delivered by GrubHub from Red Robin. I put on Disney+ and watching Finding Nemo while eating fish and chips (Hmmmm). Susie had a Banzai Burger with no veggies as usual. I forgot how much I liked that movie.

After waking from another nap, I did the dishes, laundry and got the trash and recycling out (only to remember that it is lawn debris week). I have redone the paperwork to extend my time off to include Friday as it has been a nap-only two days.

Susie was hungry; I made scrambled eggs and bacon. Added in a little Christmas ham from the freezer.

I then put in my order online for delivery for groceries from Safeway. I have resisted ordering for a while as we had sooooo much in the pantry and freezer. It will show this coming afternoon.

Trying to be safe. The covid-19 vaccine is expected this Spring here in Aloha, Oregon–I asked at RiteAid.

I am hoping for the later ones. It is made, from what I read, from genetically engineered monkey flu. Yup, that just seems a fitting end to the 2020 virus, Shock the Monkey!

Better today!

4,143 people died in the USA from the virus just today. Yesterday was a slightly lower number.

I do feel like picking the Battle Hymn of the Republic after the disaster in Washington, DC, but instead, I picked Where He Leads seems best for the loss of life. I also picked another as I missed yesterday: It Is Well With My Soul. I actually can sing this last one.


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