Day 303: Ready Set Stay-at-home

Today was a quiet day and one that made me feel a bit trapped in my house. After all the events of the week, I wanted to get out. I stayed. The rate of Covid-19 infection in Oregon and the rest of the USA is too high.

I started about 9ish and went very slow. Susie and Corwin got up, and Corwin made breakfast-lunch for Susie and himself. I read a book and got dressed. Corwin also did the dishes. I put away the board game Istanbul that I had out from last night.

I invested part of my time with the sourdough starter. I followed directions and now have the second growth in the crock. I will need to use it, feed it, or put it in the frig. This is all new to me, and I am surprised by the idea that I need to feed it every twelve hours. Also, the lid to the crock was destroyed in the box, and King Arthur will be sending me a replacement soon.

I am reading a new book. Imagine a computer guy who decides to get a Ph.D. in history on the Battle of Jutland of 1916. He then goes back to the original sources for everything, including writing one book on how gunner worked in the World War 1 navies, to tell the most detailed and fully footnoted account of one battle. Imagine every source checked back to original and fully footnoted. That is John Brook’s book The Battle of Jutland, published in 2016 for the 100th anniversary. I am on page 116, and John is reviewing every section of the general written orders for the British Fleet and how it applied to the battle. I love the detail, and John covers every controversy as he is going. It is not a very good narrative, but so far, it covers most questions I have had on this battle. Mr. Brooks references the best narrative history I have read: Jutland 1916: Death in the Gray Wastes. I hope to soon read his description of the battle. I have already ordered a reprint of one of the sources. I am resisting collecting an archive of Jutland.

I then did more dishes; yes, Corwin left for me a clean-up in the kitchen. Once that was done, I made pasta and meatballs baked in red sauce with cheese for dinner. I am also rewatching Ken Burn’s Civil War on my Apple. I watch the Civil War while cooking. It gets my focus correct on all the events in Washington DC and politics in general. It is not that bad.

Susie and I watched the old animated movie Hercules on Disney+ while not trying to choke on the absolute abuse the greek myths take from the show. The story freely mixes and invents. The music is fun.

Laundry and dishes await. Sourdough is calling me, “Feed Me, Michael!”

Here is the website I discovered for information on vaccinations in Oregon:!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19VaccinationTrends/OregonStatewideVaccinationTrends.

Yesterday, 6,505 vaccinations happened in Oregon. I will start following this now that I have a source.

1,792 people are reported counted as dying from Covid-19 today in the USA.

I went with This Is My Father’s World. I have done this one before, but it seemed to fit tonight—Methodist Hymnal #144.

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