Day 304: Back To Work, Again

Today started at 6ish. I had trouble sleeping and broke-out into hives on Sunday night. So sleep was minimal. I was welcomed back and kindness offered by most of my fellow Nike employees.

I was tired. I just muddled-through. I drank lots of coffee, Mexican, non-GMO, fair-trade liberal.

I rallied Susie between and sometimes during Zoom calls. My morning was just different Zoom meetings after another. As usual, Monday morning Zoom meetings are status or alignment discussions. Nothing I had to lead or, if I am honest, needed me as a critical resource. I tried to keep listening as I got Susie up.

Susie was so tired I helped her find her clothes and kept her focused on the clock. She was supposed to be leaving at 9ish.

We got done, and Susie’s driver did not show. A call and a text later and we learn that there was a mistake when we are ready an hour too early. At ten, Susie headed off to Zerida’s place for hair, nails, and so on.

I few more Zoom calls, and then I am free for a few hours. I order food for Corwin and me from Gyro House. I have the lamb Gyro, and Corwin has the fried chicken. Susie picked up McDonald’s Happy Meal, her fav.

A status meeting, and one more meeting on data flowing, all Zooming.

I then have to make my first sourdough bread. I must make it as the starter is ready. I have an online recipe and try to follow it. The mix is too wet. I think I must have added 1/2 cup of flour before I took it off the hook. And it is not fully mixed! I then grab my bread mat and flour and knead and finally get the texture I think should be right. I get it in the mix into an oiled bowl and let it rise. I have to then make the starter again. Used almost all of it up! I measure out water and flour to feed the scraps of starter left in the crock!

I throw the mix twice as directed. It was supposed to be a fold as stated in the instructions, but it was more like grab, tear, and put back.

I make a nice round loaf with lots more extra flour on a sheet of parchment paper–I thought it was already a miracle. I heat the dutch oven for 40 minutes at 450F in the oven. I am to slide the loaf and paper into the pot. The loaf falls off the paper and plops upsidedown into the pot. I just shake my head. I sprinkle water on the bread to make the crust hard. The bread cooks covered for 15 mins and 15 uncovered.

It is almost a perfect loaf, slightly undercooked, but tastes right, and I like the big bubbles. Also, the starter is fine and already filled the crock! I have survived, and so had my starter for our first loaf!

I made a huge mess making the one loaf, and I did all the dishes and clean-up the cement-like dried starter from silverware and bowls.

I have Roll20 online Dungeons and Dragon game today. We play every Monday at 6:30PM local time. So I order Papa Murphy New York styled pizza. This is a take-and-bake pizza. Meaning you get it raw. I drive over and pick it up and put it in my still-warm oven. I have dinner just as the online session is to start. We have everyone today that normally plays. We play for two hours in the Mad Mage Dungeon with me DM-ing. I think everyone had a good time.

We were doing this before Covid-19. This lets me include distant players, Bill in Minnesota, and folks recovering from health issues. We have played many premade adventures and campaigns. There is some excellent stuff. The Mad Mage is not as good content as some of the adventures, but it is huge.

My friend M@ read one of my Howard stories, liked it, and sent me some fixes. I have made the corrections–all small errors.

5,422 people were vaccinated yesterday for Covid-19 in Oregon.

1,964 people died from the virus today in the USA.

I picked one of my favs to sing at church, Soon and Very Soon–Methodist Hymnal #706.


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