Day 305: Normal Tuesday

Today started at 6ish. I managed a bit more sleep, but it was still a hard start.

The first meeting was at 7:10, and then Zoom meetings started for three hours straight. Tuesday is a busy day as all the status meetings on Monday are expected to have brought forth some work.

I had no real crises of the moment, and the three hours went by fast.

I finally got outside in the pouring rain and managed a damp short walk. I still have breathing issues and stiffness. Mostly this is a use-or-lose-it problem. I will walk further each day and try to get back to my normal two-mile walk a day. With all the surgeries and Susie’s stroke, I have let this slide too much.

Susie’s bandages all came-off yesterday, and she is feeling better, and she had Physical Therapy today. PT was during the big status meeting at 1PM, so I missed some of the PT with Clare. I did use the gun-like IR thermometer to check everyone before Clare, our PT person, got here. I greet her at the door the same way, the Covid-19 greeting, “We have no symptoms.” She had her inoculation first shot, and Clare will get the second shot at the end of the month. Masks are worn, of course, and hand cleaning is done with care.

I am hopeful for a Covid-19 shot in late February or March. Let us hope Oregon and the Feds can get their act together and get’r’done.

Once my meeting on Zoom was done, I caught up with Susie and Clare. Susie is still too unsteady and becomes tired too quickly with a cane. Leaving the walker is still a distant goal for Susie. The exercises today and work-out are to get Susie to stand up straight as this will get her to be safer and maybe get to use the cane. Susie was also timed and appears to be improving.

Before, Susie found it hard to get up this morning. I understand! She managed to get a waffle for breakfast and take her pills before PT. Susie was tired and then rested for a few hours.

Susie then asked me about lunch while I was in another Zoom meeting. I had one scheduled with 10 minutes lead time. That was back-to-back to another in the afternoon. I finally made Susie a grilled cheese (cheddar) sandwich when the meetings ended. I then, using the same hot pan, grilled burgers for dinner. Susie loves a cold burger as long as it has cheese on it. I had a hot burger. Corwin grabbed one too. As expected, Susie had a cold burger a few hours later.

I tried to start Brass: Lancashire. This is a board game I am trying to learn and may someday play with someone. It is a worker placement and Euro-style cut-throat game. Usually, Eurogames are not mean; this is an exception. It simulates the industrial revolution, and you have limited resources and placement options. Also, you can gain points for yourself and your opponents by performing some actions. This usually means you prevented your opponent from getting all the points! I managed the basic set-up on the table, but I was tired. Maybe tonight still or Wednesday.

6,668 vaccinations were given yesterday in Oregon for Covid-19. That is a slight improvement in the rate.

4,262 (a new record) people died from Covid-19 in the USA today. The worst day yet. For D-Day in WW2, 4,414 are recorded slain, for comparison.

I went with Precious Lord Take My Hand for today.


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