Day 306: Wednesday Busy

The morning again started at 6ish, with my first meeting at 8AM; thus, I had some time to read some emails and be a bit more prepared for all the meetings. I was booked for six hours of Zoom meeting already.

Susie and I slept until the alarm woke me, so I had some better sleep. I am still tired as I never seem to catch-up except on weekends. This, I think, is the new world of working-from-home and trying to manage the Covid-19 pandemic household lockdown.

My phone had alarms from the sheriff and county. It is damp. The winds and rains have taken down trees and flooded the streets. Rivers are huge and rushing. The french drain is full of water in the backyard.

The house seems dry, and the water is mostly in the drain or in the street as it should be. We are fine. Friends had been up all night watching closeby rivers.

Susie is “the-blob-in-the-bed” today. Yesterday was PT, and Monday was Spa–she is exhausted. I let her sleep in. It is somehow sunny today; I open the blinds a bit more to let in the sun. She started up in time to watch The Chase game show. This is an import from Britain and fun to watch. I am usually working when it is on, and just like Jeopardy, my attention often drifts to catch some of it between Zoom calls.

I had a coding question at 4ish today in a Zoom call, and we got the old band together. We all worked long hours together to do the initial conversion practices for master data deemed too large to repeat. We were overly successful. It was nice to chat, and everyone was safe from the floods and Covid-19. We agreed on some more code fixes now that the scope had increased.

I then rushed out without my wallet to have beer and dinner with Mariah. You have to sit outside now. We were headed to a pizza place, but Mariah called me, and we agreed that their version of outside, a closed in tight space in a tent, is not really outside and safe. Back to the Golden Valley Brewery. We were outside and cold. We watched the sunset, but there was no wind or rain, and thus we could stand it. Yes, a cold or a slight case of pneumonia for a beer.

Even in GVB, the customers this time was not being as safe as before. We saw folks take off masks and chat as if the mask was just a ticket to get inside.

Mariah and I talked about traveling and books, and art. I was without my wallet, yes I know, so Mariah bought dinner. Sorry, Mariah!

Today I sent into The Biltmore Estate a possible wedding anniversary plan for our 30th. Yes, 1990 was 31 years ago–we decided to count 29 twice. The plan is around 11Aug2021 in North Carolina, near or in Ashville; we will then celebrate the 30th, slightly delayed. The other option is to get a rec-room at Brooks-Howell Methodist Home and have it there. Susie’s family meet there in 2019 for Joyce Hill’s, Susie’s aunt, 90+ birthday. Assuming we will be over with Covid-19 by then, I am planning a party.

I called “General” Glenda, another of Susie’s aunts, that lives there too, to look into the Brooks-Howell options.

We also want to travel to some sights in the area, and I want the little folks that might come to pick some options for us–with their parents’ involvement, of course.

Next, we will travel to Washington, DC, and see the sights. I used to work in Washington. I want to tour my favs, and maybe I can help direct a tour of the more hidden items.

From there, it is Amtrak to New York City. There to see the Smiths and see a show and the city a bit.

We then fly back from NYC to Oregon (or where ever you live). We will try to connect up with folks here and there.

This plan is in the lightest pencil.

I am also planning to be in Rome in October, the second week. Again, in the lightest pencil. I am looking for the Dan Brown tour.

Finally, I did play a bit of Brass: Lancashire today. I managed to get most of the rules right. I enjoy playing it, and it is the 19th best game according to the BoardGameGeek website.

A busy day of working and planning and meetings.

9,071 people were vaccinated for Covid-19 in Oregon yesterday.

4,098 people died from Covid-19 today in the USA.

I went with All Things Bright and Beautiful. Thinking of traveling again and playing a board game set in the UK has me going with this song.



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