Day 307: Thursday Working

It has been a busy day, so I thought I would start from the usual end and work backward.

4,069 people in the USA are reported to have died from Covid-19 today.

10,172 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon, and the number for the day before has been increased to 11,772 as some of the information can take 72 hours to update.

Today’s song is Pass It On—Methodist Hymnal #572.

Susie has ice on one of her wounds. It is painful. This happened last time with the other ones. I hope and pray the pain will leave soon.

Today I cooked Thai styled chicken in the Instant Pot. I used frozen chicken thighs with some seasoning and coconut milk from a can. I made my favorite rice with it, Basmati rice. I did not add the chilis as Susie cannot eat spicy food, but Corwin and Susie liked it.

Susie watched TV while I attended the monthly Theology Pub. This is a Zoom meeting where many folks are drinking, and we discuss theological topics. We, before the Covid-19 lockdown, used to meet local bars to discuss and eat and drink. Now we meet online by Zoom.

Today’s topic was about Doing The Next Right Thing. This comes from a Disney movie, Frozen 2, where there is a moment when difficult choices surface, and the animated story suggests that when the future is unknown, do the next right thing.

We spoke a lot about the happenings in Washington, DC, and about Covid-19.

Before this, I was online all day and did five hours of Zoom meetings. It would have been most of the day, except the computer project is ahead and going well (when was the last time you heard that), and thus all the meetings are shortened or even (!) canceled. I was reviewing and installing a few vendor patches and dealing with the normal rise and fall of emergencies. My daily issues are like the tides here in Oregon–very predictable, and never take your eye off of it unless you to be hit with a sneaker wave.

I got an hour break for lunch. I have an out-of-office meeting on my calendar for lunch-hour. Few people are willing to book over it without talking to me. Corwin and I went to Burger King and McDonald’s and collected a simple, cheap lunch of burgers and McNuggets for Susie. It was a chance to drive the car and get outside!

I managed to sleep in today until 7ish. All my meetings were canceled in the early morning. I then awoke to various emergencies from last night. The world is flat for us corporate types.

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