Day 309: Quiet Saturday

I do not remember when I got up. It seems to be very bright and very hard to get started. I also remember I started playing the board game Lisboa that I had set-up last night. I had not played many turns when the morning seemed to be over!

I have to admit the massive game was interesting to play, and after two hours of playing, I was not spending half my time looking up rules, definitions and trying to find a strategy. I was playing a special solo version of the rules that gave me more rules. This game does not need extra rules! While I enjoyed learning the game again, I admit that other games on the shelf have fewer rules and are more fun. I was still happy to get it out today. I was almost as happy to put it away. I did not finish it as I wanted to play something else.

I ordered bagels with Lox for me while playing Lisboa. I made Susie a bagel when she got started. This time I remembered to freeze the rest so there can be bagels for breakfast all next week. All of this from DoorDash and Einsteins Brothers Bagles.

I took a break and took a short walk. The local church is leaving Christmas up. I have spoken to many people, and Christmas went up early and is staying. Trying to keep moving and push it. Use-it-or-lose-it!

I purchased some Folio sets from Decision Games on some famous naval battles. I was able to get out my Bismarck and Hood 1:6000 models, painted! The game is not designed for miniatures, but that did not stop me. I am also unsure that the Hood armor number is right, but I decided to play and learn the rules.

I managed to evolve the rules and feel to use my miniatures and make the hex and counter-based game work. I have been looking for a rules-light version for this battle for years to use the miniatures. This appears the answer. More on this as I played it. I also need to get out the smoke markers (painted cotton) and fire (red and black painted cotton). It still looked great.

The Hood is on-fire and dead in the water as the Bismarck closes to finish her. The Prince of Wales is running away! Looks great!

I made dinner of broiled steak and fresh-made mashed potatoes. Well, fresh in a sense, I mashed them–the potatoes were aging poorly, and I had to peel them! A salad too.

Susie watched ice skating on TV and then read a book. We are keeping to a quiet locked-down holiday so far.

The vaccination rate of Oregon has been revised this weekend. The website suggests that this will not happen on weekends (sort of disappointing to read on so critical an item–but it appears to also be wrong). Thusly, 12,358 people received the shot yesterday. The next vaccine is moving to emergency approval, Johnson & Johnson, based on the successful Ebola vaccine model. One wonders if one could ask for both!

3,377 people died from the infection today in the USA.

I picked out an old hymn I have not thought of for a while. It is more a camp song, but I still like to sing it: I’m Goin’ a Sing When the Spirit Says Sing–Methodist Hymnal #333.

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