Day 310: Terrible Pancakes and Games

I had strange dreams of looking for people, including Susie in a fantasy version of Disneyland that included endless buildings with corridors that never went where you needed them to go to. I awoke tired from wander for hours in the dream, with a headache and looking for coffee! I started at about 8:30.

I found that the mix for pancakes was twice or larger and bubbling. I had read that I could make sourdough pancakes with my leftover starter. So I followed the recipe, which seemed a means to grow even more starter. I then mixed in oil, eggs, baking powder, with salt. It looked like a heavy pancake batter. I fried it in butter like Dan Gray has me do for the church breakfasts, and they looked good.

The taste is sourdough, which to me did not improve with maple syrup, was well sour. Something should not be messed-with and sourdough and pancakes-ugh! Now, if you added some heavily flavored flour, some spices like curry leaves and onion seeds, and forget eggs and baking powder–it is something I have had for breakfast in India. The taste reminded me of fermented pancakes in India.

It was fun to learn something new. Susie had a pancake and suggested that they were OK. She also suggested that I do not need to make them again.

Susie was still resting when I connected to the weekly church meeting at 11AM today. It was nice to see everyone and chat. This is my first time back in months.

We talked about how to forgive your enemies. I think we thought it possible to have compassion for an enemy; it is hard to forgive or love an enemy. We also talked about how it is hard to love that next-door-neighbor that always bothering you or just being a problem.

Susie was up to watch ice skating this afternoon.

Evan came over for the afternoon. We played two new games and a fav game.

We first played War of Whispers, my newest board game from Kickstarter, the deluxe version. This new version includes all the add-ons and includes some 3-D markers that make the game easier to play. The game is unique in that you play the spies trying to get different factions to win, do ok, ignore them, or help them fail. The game is that each player is trying to do this, and the factions ratings are randomly assigned. Thus both Evan and I, not knowing at first, were against the green faction. We both were happy to destroy it, but the Horse (brown) clan was my fav, and it was next to Evan’s fav clan, the Bears (blue). At one point, I had partial control of the Bear faction and had them make terribly bad attacks and lose half their armies. The Horse faction was no longer at risk from the Bear faction! Evan was wondering why I would waste the Bear faction armies against the Lion Faction (yellow). Thus, is the lives of us sneaky spies! I, having played the game against myself a few times to learn the game, used the special spy powers found in the cards you collect to fight back as, despite my control of the Bears, I was actually on the Lion (yellow) side. Evan will use the cards next time more. This was a learning game, and somehow we managed to tie the score. The game looks rather dramatic. The game is mostly played on the ring and not the cool map inside. It only takes about an hour to play once you have the rules down.

We next played the board game Vindication. We added pets to the game, but in the end, I got one pet, and it was great. Evan had no pets. Evan had some revenge in this game. He spanked me. He took most of the masteries and put to shame my last grab of owning four tiles on my last move on the last turn. It was not nearly enough. I should have fought more monsters; just one actually made it, not a spanking. I was not happy with my play.

We agreed to try yet-another-new-game. Brass: Lancashire is a rework of the old Brass game. I have been playing it as a learning game against myself. This time Evan wanted to try this hard and cut-throat economic game. Brass was one of the first ones made of this type and is the grandfather of other like games. This edition is colorful, and the rules and rule book is approachable. About 3/4 into the game, Evan started to get the rules and put a bit of pressure on me. I managed to just outscore him in this learning game. Evan seemed to like it, but he shared that he thought Concordia a more fun game.

You can see the industrial look

We got Chinese food for pickup from Taste of Sichuan. I used to eat there for lunch, and my friend Will reminded me that their food is good. We picked-up an order. As it was a dinner order, I did not order rice. I quickly made some when we got home.

Evan left after dinner and the last game. I had to log-on to work and look at an emergency SAP Incident tracked by leadership. I am the owner of the ticket. I have been watching it all weekend.

12,781 people were vaccinated against Covid-19 yesterday in Oregon.

1,846 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I found a musical version of The Lord’s Prayer.

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