Day 314: Thursday

I was not as tired this morning, but I did stay in bed until 7ish and then showered and dressed. I made my 7:30 meeting and then started hours and hours of Zoom meetings.

I managed to fit a walk into the morning, I was three minutes late for a meeting, but I got it in. It is cold but not rainy this morning. I was surprised to see that Reedville Presbyterian finally took down the Christmas manager scene. All that was left was some straw on the ground where the baby Jesus rested in his manager. I noticed most houses have left up the Christmas decor. I think we need the bright lights in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown.

I had four hours of Zoom meetings before I had lunch delivered for Susie and me from Red Robin. Susie got a Banzai Burger with apple slices. I had an Ensalada platter, a chicken breast, and a western salad.

I had to do my regular work while the status meetings run on. I listen for important items and for ways to be supportive.

I have fewer items in the afternoon, and I often take a break then. I finished my current book and ordered the next book in the series: The Consuming Fire. I like space opera, and I am surprised how much I like these books. Even the villains are sympathetic.

Later, I spoke to the director for our master data governance system, and I may be up late tonight if she needs me. I have my phone set to ring and watching my email. I have already loaded one fix into the new test system and updated folks on another incident.

Tonight, I made dinner of pan-fried chicken breasts (Schwann’s) after running water over them to defrost them. Adding only some salt, pepper, and smoked paprika to the chicken. I cooked some pasta and covered the hot pasta with heated alfredo sauce from a jar. I then microwaved some green beans (Schwann’s), stirred them in the butter I cooked the chicken breasts in. I sliced up the chicken and put it over a bowl of pasta with the green beans also in the sauce. I got Susie to eat a veggie–she liked it!

My order for 2lb ankle weighs came in today. I put them on Susie, mostly avoiding the wounds from the skin cancer, and she has worn them most of the day. This is to help her build up strength. Susie is back to riding her exercise bike for 30 minutes a day.

It was a bit crazy, but not a bad day.

8,699 people in Oregon were vaccinated yesterday. The number from the previous day was increased to over 11,000. It takes 72 hours to get the updated numbers.

4,363 people died from Covid-19 in the USA today.

I picked He Leadeth Me.

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