Day 315: Chaos (foobar)

This day started at 4AM when I awoke, surprised that I had no phone calls to wake me. At 2AM, I found that I got a list of software, configuration, and other changes to install. I then discovered that there was were issues. I went back to sleep and started again at 7ish.

I had a 7:30 meeting, so I dressed and all of that and was only a few minutes late.

There was no coffee, milk, and the eggs were almost out. I had not ordered anything, which meant I risked grocery shopping with the new super Covid-19 and got a load of stuff. I forgot my wallet the first time, back to my house, and then headed to Safeway. It was early still and I expect to be safe, the nutjobs usually sleep-in. I managed to get what I needed, and only one person had half a mask on and was not socially distancing. It just is not safe in Safeway–pun there, I think. The cashier had passed her Covid-19 test as she has a sticker on for that.

While there, I hear from a co-worker. Basically, I am in deep fertilizer. The software changes have to all be reworked into new fixes–not an easy process. We discussed my suddenly unexpected retirement from Nike and decided it best to try to fix everything than for me to put in a job application to restock shelves at Safeway while I am there. You see, this all must be ready by Monday 8AM. That means working all weekend and having to be lucky too.

Instead of panic or being angry, I am quite relaxed. If you work for Nike in IT, it is just another Just Do It moment. So we work out a plan of attack, and then I call my boss and tell him we have a foobar, and we are now working on the problem.

I then spend hours and hours on a Zoom call with the co-workers working on the plan. Well, learning a plan and then working on it. I have status updates requested every couple of hours. Progress is slow. Every possible blocker, of course, surfaces. I myself approve six security granting tickets so my co-workers can actually install the software. We get the first software change loaded at 5ish. Only 80+ to go.

Crazy moments were when I held my iPhone up for the Zoom meeting to hear our colleagues’ ideas.

Lunch was chicken pot pies that are too salty from Safeway’s deli.

Dinner was Grubhub from Don Carlos Mexican. The first order was lost and canceled after being an hour late–why was I not surprised that even dinner went foobar. The second-order appeared minutes after the first showed-up 90 minutes late.  Even the cancel of the foobar dinner foobar’d. We have lunch for tomorrow.

Our Zoom meeting ended at 9ish. We had worked for hours punching in change process-software tickets. We will run the changes on Saturday morning. A very crazy day.

FUBAR is military. Foobar is the special computer version; it comes with the unique computer nerd joy of solving a never expected issue.

12,341 people were vaccinated today in Oregon. Our home of Washington County is up to about 4.5% vaccinated.

3,886 people today in the USA died from the virus.

Today I picked Travel Oregon’s Slightly Exaggerated Oregon as I think we all need a bit of relaxing.

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